In-Depth Review of X-Sense XS01-WR Smoke Alarm

Get a smoke alarm in your home to keep it safe and give you some peace of mind!


Sleeping peacefully comes with a cost, whether it is night or at any time of the day. Multiple mishaps might take place when you are not in the house or, for some reason, absent-minded. There are some technologies and products which provide safety to you and your family. One of them is a smoke detector, trying to make the environment safe and sound.

About X-Sense XS01-WR

X-Sense XS01-WR mainly specializes in fire alarms or detectors such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, heat and combination alarms, and much more. The company was founded in 2012; they have developed quickly as a recognized top-ranked seller and made their way to the top-rated brand on Amazon in several product categories. X-Sense had recently launched some interconnected smoke alarms with multiple specifications including, location alert and lithium batteries, which can be replaced. The X-Sense XS01-WR is a very compact smoke detector designed to be as unpretentious as possible while making sure that it quickly triggers the alarm when it senses smoke, thus allowing enough time for the victim and their family to get away from possible harm.

There are popular names like First Alert and Kidde in the US market. Google has even pushed the Nest Protect into the mainstream list as well, so X-Sense XS01-WR has a tough competition to go against them, and there is also the UL-certification aspect. The X-Sense XS01-WR appears to be a simple wireless smoke detector machine, and it doesn’t have smart capabilities, users can interconnect multiple units, so the alarm sounds at the same time in case it detects smoke. It does not have any CO sensor; the user will have to buy it separately.

X-Sense XSO1-WR Wireless Smoke Alarm Features:

* The smoke alarm has photoelectric sensors that smartly detect smoke emanating from fires and give an immediate response in the form of alarms.

* Smoke detectors can function independently or as interconnected units with the help of wireless Radio Frequency technology.

* One small unit can trigger an alarm in all the other interconnected ones in the circuit.

* X-Sense XS01-WR has a fire safety program that does its job diligently and protects the home.

* It interconnects with the other similar wireless X-Sense XS01-WR alarms to alert more people.

Why choose X-Sense XS01-WR and its Analysis

There are many reasons why these interconnected smoke detectors are essential for home and exactly why X-Sense XS01-WR is to be chosen.

Interconnects Wirelessly

Considering the lithium replaceable batteries, installing a wireless system of interconnected smoke alarms is simple. This is possible without needing any costly add-on components. X-Sense XS01-WR wireless detectors offer precise location and instant alerts. This informs the house occupants of the emergency type and its exact location with precision.

It Covers the Wholes House

The wireless alarms give the entire house the protection from home fires or any fire-related haphazard. This gives a sense of peace in mind and relaxation. When one alarm goes off, the rest of them get triggered. This notifies every nerve in the house at the very moment and hence giving ample time to react and evacuate.

Easily Replaceable Batteries

The X-Sense XS01-WR smoke alarms are made with lithium batteries, which require replacement after every five years, specifically, making the installation easy. They have the battery capacity of 3.0v.

Easy Installation

X-Sense XS01-WR interconnected smoke alarms are simple to install. Consumers can do the installation by themselves without requiring any special services of a skilled electrician. This is because the machines do not need to get connected to the electrical system. They are powered by lithium replaceable batteries.

In-depth Review of X-Sense XS01-WR 

Many users prefer using a non-smart smoke detector, and it’s a perfectly fine decision considering that if there are fewer features, there will be fewer things that could go wrong.

Design and Build Quality

X-Sense XS01-WR goes against the traditional look and made the unit very small and compact, the XS01-WR has a 3.0-inch diameter and 1.9 inches wide, but it still sports a round plastic case which protrudes a bit more from the ceiling or a wall than most other smoke detectors on the market.

X-Sense XS01-WR has a 3.0V Lithium Battery, which lasts for up to 8-10 years, and to activate the device, the user needs to pull the transparent plastic tab (Pulling a tab to remove the battery from its slot). After doing so, the LED underneath the Test button flashes red and then once every minute to show that the smoke detector is functioning properly.

It’s important to always test the alarm after adding the battery and can run the built-in diagnostic test by pressing the Test/Mute button, this way, the horn will sound 3 beeps, and the LED will flash red every second while the alarm is activated.


The X-Sense XS01-WR is relying on a photoelectric sensor to detect larger particles from a fire. There’s a chamber inside the device where a light beam points away, and the particles enter the chamber reflecting the light towards the sensor, therefore triggering the alarm. This machine is less prone to false alarms than the ionization one.


The X-Sense XS01-WR is the perfect machine since it detects smoke promptly. Furthermore, users can interconnect up to 24 devices, which is a welcomed feature, making it the reliant machine when no one’s around in the house.