5 Types of Ants and What They Get Up to In Your Home

Have you noticed piles of sand building up in the corners of your home? Or perhaps you keep finding tiny white eggs lying around. You may have an ant infestation. Ants damage property, contaminate food and they can bite you. Is there a solution?


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The most effective way to get rid of ants is to get pest control to fumigate your house. There are companies that provide pest control Shepparton residents use regularly. However, before you can get pest control services to assist you, try to identify what type of ants you’re dealing with. This will help you and the vendors find a solution faster.

In today’s article, we’ll be giving you information on five types of ants and what they can do to your home. Keep reading to find out more so you can give your pest control service provider more details of your ant problem.

1. The Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants are a polymorphic species which means they come in different sizes. The larger carpenter ants are soldiers who have bigger mandibles used to protect the colony. Mid to small-sized ants are responsible for collecting food.

The carpenter ant excavates wood to build its nests and burrows. You can find carpenter nests outside in trees. However, if you have woodwork inside the home that’s near moisture it can be a breeding ground for carpenter ants. These carpenter ants cause major structural damage so it’s important to fumigate them as soon as you find an infestation in your home.

2. European Fire Ants

The European fire ant is a frustrating pest found in Australian homes. These ants are reddish-brown and can reach 5mm in length. They are extremely brutal in the wild and are known to displace other species of ants & kill nesting birds. The European fire ants can also spread weed seeds. This ant species invades yards, parks and campgrounds but they might enter your home looking for food. They are aggressive ants that will bite you if they feel threatened. European fire ants are harmful to the environment and they damage gardens. Get pest control to save your garden from this pesky Emmet species.

3. The Black House Ant

Black house ants are a common species that love to invade homes. They are shiny black and are between 2mm & 3mm in size. A colony of ants can spread diseases such as salmonella because they walk over animal excrements and tread it all over your house. The black house ant colonies will swarm over anything that has water or food on it. Some infestations can be so severe that you can find ant larva in bedsheets and inside clothes. This species of ant can bite which results in itchy rashes on the skin. To get rid of black house ants you must find the nest and fumigate it immediately.

4. The Pharaoh Ant

The pharaoh ant is brown and yellow in colour and reaches sizes between 1mm & 2mm. Males are bigger and can be 3mm in size. This ant species loves high protein foods such as fats, meat, blood and dead insects. You can find pharaoh ants in holes of heated buildings or humid environments. Additionally, pharaoh ants are found in rooms where reptiles are kept such as in pet shops or zoos. Although the pharaoh ant is too small to bite they can still spread diseases such as Clostridium.

When you find a nest and don’t fumigate the area correctly, they can spread out and build in other parts of your home. That’s why it’s important to opt for a professional service provider that will completely eradicate your home of pharaoh ants.

5. Argentine Ants

The Argentine ant is another common house ant. This ant species breeds in spring and will increase in numbers until winter. You can’t often find where the main Argentine ant nest is because they follow food trails for long distances. These ants prefer sweet foods such as syrup, sugar and biscuits. However, they can also eat meat and cereals. They often contaminate sugar bowls, pet feeding areas and dirty dishes. It’s always best to keep all your food in airtight containers so your consumables don’t get contaminated.

Argentine ants are extremely aggressive, so they often eliminate other ant species in the area. The Argentine ant colonies are typically found in gardens, under refuse bags and in damp areas. During winter Argentine ants will take cover inside cracks and corners of your home. You must get rid of Argentine ants as soon as you find them because they can burrow under your house and cause major structural damage to your property.

Final Thoughts

Many people prefer to use homemade pesticides to rid ants but sometimes these methods don’t work. The longer you ignore the problem, the more rapid ants will breed, causing severe infestations that you can’t control.

So, if you find an ant colony around the home or you notice some structural damage, get your local pest control pros to come and assist you. No matter what type of ant species you have, it’s best to be proactive.

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