Tips for Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Summer brings that happiness that only the summer season can bring; however, it brings along heat. Hence, during the summer months, most folks tend to rely on their AC system to ensure that they are kept cool in their homes and offices. 


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In an interesting twist, air conditioning units are strained so much during these months of intense heat as homeowners try to get all the cooling they need. Click here to find out why it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. As a result, these units develop a lot of faults during this season.

Therefore, to prevent issues with the AC unit, one should employ proper maintenance. Even at that, the odds of these issues occurring are almost inevitable. Hence, you need to know what to do when some of these problems occur. Hence, in this article, we have compiled some maintenance and repair tips on how to deal with some common AC problems. Let’s get started…

1. Your Air Conditioner Refuses to Power On

This problem can cause panic for a lot of folks especially when the heat is unbearable. However, if this happens to you, don’t lose your cool (See what we did?). This issue can be resolved very easily. Your first port of call when trying to fix this problem is your thermostat batteries; you might have to replace them.

Another solution you can employ to fix this problem if the thermostat batteries aren’t the cause is to reset the unit’s circuit breakers. You should also confirm that the thermostat is not set to heat; it should on cool. You can test your thermostat by adjusting the temperature settings to be below that of your room’s current temperature. Visit here to learn what thermostats are and what they are used for.

2. The Air Your Unit Blows is not cool

As you know, staying cool during the summer is an absolute necessity, but what happens when your AC that is supposed to provide the cool air isn’t doing so; what are you to do? The answer to that question is very easy.

The reason your AC is working in that manner is that you neglected the simple maintenance task of changing your AC’s air filter. The recommendation is that the filter should be changed every month. When the filter is not changed as recommended, it is easy for debris and dirt to build up in the filter and block the airflow. This, in turn, will cause the AC to blow hot air instead of cool air. Therefore, if you notice this issue, simply change the filter and the unit will be back to its good old self.

3. Your Air Conditioner is Very Loud

Most AC units are designed to make as little noise as possible. However, if yours is making so much noise, then it means that something is wrong. One of the major culprits responsible for the thumping, rattling, or banging noises you might hear has to do with a problem with the internal motor. In this case, you cannot solve this issue yourself; you will need the services of a qualified professional.

If the sound you hear from your AC system is a hiss, then it is an indication that there is the refrigerant is leaking. If this is the case, you could either locate the crack or hole responsible for the leak, or you get a professional to check it for you.

The latter action of calling a professional to check the problem would be the best way to save money and time. This is because they will be able to find the leak faster thanks to the tools they possess. Also, they are more equipped to repair the damaged cord better than you can. You can go to Bosque Heating and Cooling – AC Repair Specialists to learn more about finding AC repair specialists.

4. High Energy Bill

AC units can consume a lot of energy, but a faulty one can cause the energy bill to pile up like the pyramids of Giza. If this is what you are facing, then we recommend you inspect the part of your AC unit that is outside your home. You should check if it is covered in dirt or debris. If you find this, ensure that you clean the unit. You should also check the air vents to ensure it is not blocked in any way.


AC units are designed to provide us with cool air, but sometimes, some issues could prevent that. Therefore, in the article above, we have looked at some of these issues and provided maintenance and repair tips for these issues. A professional can let you know what type of heating system will work best for your home. They’ll likely be able to recommend a high-performing, high-quality brand of heater, too. Visit HVAC professionals like RMS to learn more.