Home Staging Tips: What the Experts Recommend to Sell High and Fast

Thinking about selling your home? Then you should be thinking about staging it as well.


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The quickest way to get your home off the market is to be strategic about how you present it to those who may be interested in making a purchase. You can ensure that the showing environment is inviting to a buyer.

There are certain specific things you can do to immediately make your home more appealing. Read on and you will find out the best home staging tips for securing that sale.

Make Your Porch Inviting

The porch is the first place your visitors will see when they visit your home. Make sure that the front stoop is clean and has a beautiful welcome mat. A few potted plants on the porch will make the atmosphere even more inviting. Ensure that the furniture on your porch is inviting as well. Do a good clean if things have gotten a bit shabby over time.

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Get Everything as Clean as You Can

If you have been neglecting doing a deep clean, then now is the time for it. If you are finding it impossible to do on your own, then you may want to employ someone to do it. The floors should sparkle and so should the windows. Pay attention to details such as the cleanliness of the grout if you have floor tiles. Every nook and cranny must look pristine.

Rid the Place of Clutter

Now that you have got the porch clean and all the major surfaces sparkling, it’s time to remove anything from the home that will make the house look crowded. If you have to put things in storage, then go ahead and do so. Just get them out of the way. There should be adequate walking space between furniture since this will make the home look larger. This is especially important if you are incorporating virtual real estate and buyers will only be viewing the home online.

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Appeal to the Senses 

If you have pets you need to be aware that the odors that may be normal to you may not be for someone else. Remove the cats comfy bed and its litter box. If you have any other kind of pets, clean up the areas where they frequent. Finally, just before you have visitors, you may want to pop in some cookies. This will give the home a more homely scent that many potential buyers will find attractive. You can cut some fresh flowers and place them in strategic places in the house so that visitors can see them. The smell of fresh flowers will make the home more inviting.

Final Home Staging Tips

If you follow the home staging tips presented here, you will have a lot of success selling your home. The key is to make sure that the house looks inviting from the moment the viewers enter the home. If you have a porch, it should be inviting. Clean your home thoroughly, get rid of the clutter, and appeal to the senses. This is the best way to ensure that your home is off the market quickly. If you would like to learn about home DIY, then go to that section of the website.