What To Know About Yukon, Lawn Service?

If you live in the Yukon, you probably know that taking care of your lawn can be tricky with colder temperatures. Here is how a good lawn service can take care of this for you!


Photo By: LaGuardia Design Group

If you own a house, you are responsible for how your lawn looks. No one else is responsible if it’s not tidy and green enough. So, you can’t just let it sit like that. You will have to maintain it once in a while. Everyone has busy lives now. You can’t wait for the weekend and just stay at home. You certainly don’t even want to go out in your garden. But, if you put some effort into it, you will surely find it enjoyable. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, just call someone.

If you didn’t know, there are certain companies that take care of your lawn. They do everything: moving, fertilization, pest control. Most do designing, too. There are such companies in Yukon also. You just have to look up these companies. One of them is C Green Lawns.


This might be the hardest thing you have to do in your garden. Nobody likes to lose precious time on the weekends to mow the lawn. Some of those machines can be pretty heavy. But if you hire someone, they can do it for you. These companies have their own techniques on how to do it properly. That way, your lawn will be thicker. The clippings are later used to nurture the earth. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and relax. If your grass is entirely brown, they will have to start over. This will cost you more. But once it grows back, it’ll give your home a complete look. These companies normally use rotary mowers. You have to option to choose if you want rotary or reel mowers. It’s up to you, really.

What About the Edges?

Most gardens have tree lines and ditches. Your yard probably has too. These things are handled quite easily with a motorized edger. If that machine can’t handle it, then they’ll use a weed eater. If you want to see the difference between them, click on this link.


Apart from lawn service, your shrubs and trees will be taken care of. This way, you won’t have to worry about any overgrown trees. You have to be careful. If you don’t, your home can easily get damaged in the next big storm. So, it’s better if you keep them in line.

After you have paid for everything, you want to make sure your lawn stays as green. You will have to think about putting in some irrigation systems. You will have to get sprinklers. If you have them already, you don’t have to install new ones.

Pest Control and Weeds

Everyone is worried about pests and weeds. It’s only reasonable. You can never know what kind of bugs are there. It’s also reasonable to worry more if you have a pet or a small kid. You will have to watch them all the time when they are out.

Then, when they come inside, you will have to check them for pests. But, you won’t have to do any of this if you just do some spraying. All of the chemicals used are safe. This will also help with weeds. You won’t have to go out and put them out yourself. If you want to deal with weeds the natural way, read more here.

What to Do with Dead Trees and Plants?

If you have already let go of your garden, you can quickly revive it. You just have to hire someone to do it. This process can be quite tedious for you, especially taking out dead trees. You can easily get hurt in the process. If you don’t know how to do this properly, leave it to the experts.

How Often to do Maintenance and Mowing?

These processes can’t be done too often. There’s a strict schedule that these companies follow. So, you have to consult them. They’ll tell you. You can’t go around spraying chemicals on your lawn every month. You have the option to choose a weekly or bi-monthly schedule. You choose whatever feels right for you. If you see something wrong, you can easily call someone. You won’t have to deal with anything complicated by yourself.