What You Need to Know to Hire a General Contractor

To hire a general contractor, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Keep reading!


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Reviews on General Contractors in Fort Mill, SC show that with proper reviews and consultation, one can hire a professional general contractor. If you are looking for a general contractor, below are some of the things you need to know. Remember to also have the facts right regarding the construction design, site, and other details of your project.  Here is what you need to know to hire a general contractor:

Project Design Goals and Budget

Before hiring a contractor, you should have a clear picture of the project, the improvements, the amenities, and the final project design. It is hard to hire the right contractor if you have no idea of how the final project should be. Hiring a design consultant can help you know the right design and the right general contractor for the job.

Get Bids from Various Contractors

You should identify at least three professional contractors for the job. Having more than one contractor to compare the costs, quality of work and efficiency will ensure that you get value for your money. A home inspector may give you some ideas of some of the best contractors. You should not opt for the lowest bidder. Instead, review the experience, work history, and quality of work by the contractor. Remember to do a background check on all the companies. It will help you know if there are any complaints regarding their work. You will also get details regarding their physical address, licenses, and insurance details.

Contract Details

Before you sign a contract, it is good to understand the details of the contract before you sign it. If you do, then you can avoid conflicts that may arise after the start of the project. You can also include ways to resolve differences in the contract. Some of the details that you should be keen to study carefully include the start and completion of the project dates, building permits for any necessary renovations, and the fees, and payment details. In case the contractor subcontracts the project, you should understand the terms of the subcontract and ensure that you are not liable in case of breach of contract by the general contractor.

Negotiation on Payment

You may opt for a flat fee and full cost method or payment or on a bid-basis. If you are on a budget, then paying per bid is more advantageous. It is good to avoid paying contractors in cash. Opt for checks or a credit card. It will ensure that you have proper records in case of disputes arising from payment. Most large projects require a financier. That means the financing will be possible when the financier signs the contact. You do not risk the loss of any money since the financier does the due diligence of the contractor. Having a checklist will help you monitor the project before, during, and after completion.

Remember to keep a record of the entire project from start to finish. You will avoid any differences and conflicts due to the lack of records. The records may also serve as evidence in case of any legal issues.

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