How Clearing Apartment Clutter Can Clear your Mind

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of stuff strewn about your apartment? You’ve got to read this!

Photos By: Javier Bravo

The state of your surroundings plays a huge role in your overall mood, and if you’re bombarded with knick-knacks, toys, or dirty dishes, you may never be able to truly unwind. If you want to finally break free from your funk, finish that decorating project you haven’t had the energy to complete, and get your life in order, start by getting your apartment in order.

Take out the Trash

We’re talking baby steps, here. By getting rid of old mail, receipts, empty shampoo bottles, and other items that tend to get set down and forgotten, you’ll start to get energized by the results. Who knew there was an upscale apartment under all of that clutter?

Clothes Go Next

This one can be hard for a lot of people. We always rationalize that we might still wear that one dress, even though it’s been in the back of our closets untouched for over a year. Here’s a trick: put all of your clothes on white hangers. As you wear them, wash them, and put them back in your closet, change the hanger color. Whatever you haven’t worn after an entire season, donate.

Take a Deep Breath

You’re making progress. You’ll notice that as you take steps to clean your home, you’re starting to feel more comfortable. Your stress level will drop, you’ll be less distracted, and you’ll be less likely to procrastinate.

We keep items for a variety of reasons, be it nostalgia, potential utility, or decoration. Go through your utility items and determine what’s truly necessary. Once you’re done, you’ll feel a weight lifted off of your shoulders, and your modern apartment home will feel less like a storage locker.

Get Rid of “Maybe One Day” Items

If you’re going through your books saying, “Maybe one day I’ll use that cookbook,” but the time hasn’t come in 4 years, it’s time to toss it. If it doesn’t engage you now, it likely never will.

Save Sentimental Items for Last

They are always the hardest to get rid of. Old letters, cards, and memorabilia can seem essential, but they aren’t. Compromise by digitizing them—take pictures and upload them to the cloud for safe keeping—then send them on their way.