Want to Impress Guests with your Beautiful House? A Cleaning Company May Be Your Answer! 

Looking to impress your guests with a spanking clean house? There are cleaning companies that can do this for you. Keep reading!

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We have been in the cleaning industry for over twenty years. During this time we have had affiliations, professional advice and secrets from within the industry to complement our cleaning service to having your home or office looking like a showroom. Let us organize your carpet cleans, window cleans, tile grout and pressure cleaning or upholstery clean so you CAN get that showroom feel. If you want to go even deeper why not let us clean your blinds, curtains, or mattresses.

Cleaning companies in Adelaide like Us can organize a complete cleaning package that suits your budget. Let us do all your worrying and allow us to organize your complete cleaning package. We understand that everyone has different budgets and priorities; this is why we will sit down with you and organize a regular cleaning schedule and specification program that meets your requirements.

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5 Cleaning Services to Help Maintain a Beautiful & Clean Home or Office

Consider the amount of times you come in and out of the office or home with dirty shoes, or how many times you drop food or crumbs around the place, or the amount of times you sneeze and cough all around the office or home. Your home or office becomes a microbial paradise for these millions and millions of bacteria sitting around the place. These are 5 simple cleaning services you should incorporate into your cleaning schedule to give you a clean environment at home or office

Window Cleaning

Cleaning your own windows is a hassle and can be dangerous, exhausting and time consuming. Let the professionals do it in half the time but more importantly without the fear of you getting injured and for you to have more time to relax and do the things that you enjoy. By cleaning your windows professionally the cleaner will use the appropriate chemicals and equipment to leave your windows sparkling and clear. It will enhance the appearance of your building, will allow sunlight to penetrate your windows which will keep your building warmer during winter, and will minimize grime build up due to weathering which can pit and damage your windows. It will keep your windows looking new for longer, will enhance efficiency and will increase comfort levels

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Tile Grout and High Pressure Cleaning

Over time you will notice how the grout lines of your tiled areas and the tiles themselves at your home or office floors have become darker and darker. This is the residue left behind from your mopping and also the dust and dirt that gets caught in these lines and into the tiles porous surface. Our grout and tile cleaning experts will provide you with a fast and efficient service throughout Adelaide. You will be amazed at the end result of our work and your guests will think that you had just retiled your floors because they will come up as almost new again.

We have been cleaning porcelain, slate, marble clay and many more different types of tiles for over 10 years for domestic and commercial properties. Real estate agents have used our services to restore concrete, tiles, grouting and many other surfaces. Trust Us for, a better clean at a better price.

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Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning in Adelaide: We provide our clients with quality carpet cleaning and a better clean at a better price. Over time your carpets at home or in the office will get dirty because of the dirt, oils, spillages and outside pollutants that get wedged into the carpet. While you walk onto your carpets these dirt particles and pollutants that are trapped in the pile of the carpet act as an abrasive mechanism that will erode, damage and discolour your carpets. Unfortunately it will also reduce the lifetime of your carpets. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to explain the best cleaning method we will use for your carpets. Unlike our competitors we offer you a range of cleaning options like a Roto vac cleaning, dry encapsulation cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and other methods.

Curtain & Blind Cleaning

We have all the answers for a hassle free, time saving and reliable curtain cleaning service for your home or office. Most people think you need to take the curtains down, take the hooks off then send the curtains to a dry cleaner which then exposes the interior of your home or office. We have the latest chemicals, equipment and technology to clean the curtains that are still hanging over the windows, without having to pull them down. With our specialised equipment, we will clean your curtains On- Site by using either Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) or Dry Organic Solvent Cleaning. Why not give Us a call for a better clean at a better price and which will leave you, nothing but freshness and peace of mind.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture gets used often and unfortunately gets dirty fast, especially if you have kids or pets. Whether its dust, dirt, spillages, stains from pet urine or food stains We can offer you a better clean at a better price. We will restore your furnishings by implementing the appropriate chemicals that when applied will go deep into the upholstery to bring the particles up to the surface and our powerful extraction equipment will suck them up and remove them to give you the best results. As importantly, by going deep into the upholstery we will remove dust mites, and various allergens, which can be a cause of asthma and other bronchial complaints. With so many years in the industry we have perfected the art of having your home or office look and smell like a showroom display.