Planting a Live Fence: Why You Should Plant a Leyland Cypress Hedge

No matter what decorating trends come and go, live fences always look great. Here’s exactly how and why you should consider planting a Leyland cypress hedge!

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Whenever hedging is mentioned, people tend to think of the Leylandii, or Leyland cypress. It’s often the source of neighbourly disputes if it gets out of control, but this fast-growing evergreen has a lot going for it. Its dense foliage and resistance to extremes of temperature make it a versatile and popular choice for gardeners and landscapers all over the United States.

Here are 10 amazing reasons why you should plant a Leylandii hedge:

1. Fast growth rate

This rapid growth is the only potential downside to this tree, but it can be controlled. The Leylandii can grow three feet in a year, offering privacy and extra security in a relatively short period of time. It also makes wonderful privacy for a dreamy backyard getaway!

2. Low maintenance

Yes, Leylandii grows fast, but it doesn’t need much maintenance. These trees only need to be pruned once a year – maybe twice every few years – to maintain the desired height and shape.

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3. High resistance

The Leyland cypress is very resistant to diseases and pests, which is one of the reasons it’s popular as a hedge and landscape plant.

4. It travels well

The Leylandii thrives in lots of different positions and soils. It can also tolerate strong winds and salty air, which means it’s ideal for coastal gardens.

5. Lots of variety

Leylandii plants come in a range of root types, shapes and heights. Find a good garden center that provides different tree heights like the Leyland cypress trees from This way by buying a bigger tree, you can get to your ideal hedge size as quickly as possible.

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6. It provides shelter

The thick, all year round foliage of these trees makes for an amazing windbreak; it also helps to screen noise and filter out air pollution.

7. It provides a habitat for birds

The dense leaves also give wild birds a secure, warm home all year round, as well as attracting insects for them to eat.

8. They can be planted all year round

Pot-planted Leyland cypress can be planted at pretty much any time of the year, but it’s best to avoid frosty or very wet conditions to be on the safe side.

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9. They get to work immediately

Rootball Leylandii trees offer an instant hedge – admittedly it may take a year or two to get to the optimum height, but it’s a ready-made physical and psychological screen.

10. They start off small

This might seem like a contradiction to previous points, but tiny starter pots – with plants under 12 inches – are a cost-effective hedging solution for people on smaller budgets.