Keeping Your Home Eco-Friendly In Only 4 Steps!

Living eco friendly isn’t that hard as it may seem. Making a few slight changes at home can make a huge difference to the environment, your community, and our world as a whole!

country kitchen decorPhoto: Cream & Black Interior Design

There are SO many ways you can make your home a lot greener. You can tweak your home management and daily habits to more eco-friendly options whether it’s as major as installing solar power panels or as simple as replacing toxic cleaners with natural ones. Here are some unique options you may have never thought of:

Recycle Your Used Goods


Every community has some sort of organization that could use many of your used belongings you would otherwise throw out. You can send your used clothes to shelters and give your used books to your local library. A charitable organization might be more than happy to pick up used toys your kids have outgrown.

Use Smart Technology

Programmable thermostats let you program different temperatures for your home at different times of the day, making sure your heating and cooling system generates less air when you are away and adjusts to your preferred temperature by the time you arrive home. This automatically lowers energy costs and gives you more precise comfort tailored to your preferences.

Keep Lots of Houseplants


purple sofa cow hide rug house plants decorPhoto: My Bespoke Room Ltd.

Having houseplants throughout your home not only is a great decorative statement, but it can also make the air in your home a whole lot cleaner! Plants get rid of chemicals and pollutants by absorbing toxins from the air through the process of photosynthesis. These kinds of plants, called hyper accumulators, include peace lilies, weeping fig trees, and dracaena that absorb toxins like formaldehyde or benzene that might be undetected byproducts of carpet treatments or furniture finish.

Dispose Hazardous Waste the Right Way


Harmful toxins should not be thrown in the garbage or down the drain. Paint, batteries, pesticides, or cleaning chemicals can poison local water supplies and put toxins in landfills. Before you throw away any chemical, toxic, or corrosive item or substance, do some quick research on how you can dispose of household toxic substances in your area in an eco-friendly and safe way.