Decorate Like THIS For the Holidays and You’ll Definitely Impress Your Guests!

You don’t need to be a professional decorator to create a home environment that you would be proud to show off to your friends and family. You just need to learn a few tricks of the trade!

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Photo: Vale Garden Houses

The holidays present a special opportunity for decorating your home. You can create a new style for the season and help everyone get into the holiday spirit at the same time. It really only takes a few key pieces or a few key changes to make a big impact. Follow our guide on a few small things you can do to impress your guests for the holidays:

Make the Tree Your Centerpiece

A lot of people put up their Christmas tree wherever they can find a space — which often ends up being in some corner where there’s not a lot of room. Your Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday celebration and the decoration that gets the most attention. Make it the centerpiece of the room, as well.

Move furniture if you need to, or put items in the attic or the shed to make room. You shouldn’t have to store your couch, but you might have to lose an accent chair or buffet table. Make sure there is plenty of room on all sides of the tree, and arrange your remaining furniture toward the tree. Imagine the tree being the star on a stage and the rest of your furniture and decor being the props or the audience.

Add Garland and Greenery throughout Your Home

So many holidays are related to the seasonal foliage they elicit, such as spring daisies for Easter or brightly colored mums at Halloween and Thanksgiving. For Christmas, the options include pine garlands, pinecones, and poinsettias. 

kitchenholiday decor ideas greenery garlands easy better decorating bible blogPhoto: Regina Gust Designs

Add pine garlands to your fireplace mantle and along a few key shelves. Sprinkle pinecones around decorations. Make a pine wreath and mount it on your front door. Flank your entry way with two large poinsettias.

Don’t overlook the bathroom! Put a small pine garland over the toilet or a towel shelf, and add a bowl of pinecones to the vanity. 

Create a Tablescape

The next most influential part of your holiday celebrations is the dining room table. It is where you will serve your big family dinner and where you may host plenty of dinner parties or cookie swaps. Create a gorgeous tablescape that will not only make the dinner seem more special but that will also enhance your home decor.

christmas holiday tablescape dining room decor ideas candles in vasesPhoto: Susie Watson Designs

Not sure what a tablescape is? It is a well-decorated table setting that includes a table runner, individual place mats and place settings, and a row of decorations down the center of the table. The decorations typically include one centerpiece, surrounded by candles and smaller items. For the holidays, you might have a gold poinsettia at the center, surrounded by candlesticks and small glass bowls filled with pinecones and glass Christmas ornaments. Be creative to put together a tablescape that reflects your style.

Replace Art Pieces

You likely have a lot of art on your wall throughout the year, including family photos. Enhance your holiday decor by replacing some of these pieces with holiday themed art. Don’t go crazy and replace every single piece of art in your house! Just choose a few key pieces, such as the picture hanging over your mantle or a few pieces in your hallway.

holiday christmas kitchen decor ideas artwork wreath hangingPhoto: Kipnis Architecture + Planning

The holidays are a magical time of year — partially because of the decorations associated with them. Make your home come alive with the spirit of the season and impress your guests by making some of these simple changes to your décor!