Here Are Our Favorite Wallpaper Trends that Will Still Be Hot for 2016!

These wallpaper trends will still be sizzling into 2016, so don’t be afraid to redecorate your home with them right now!

better decorating bible floral palm tree wallpaper wall muralPhoto: Sors Paris

Every year, there are so many new designs trends that come and go making it sometimes impossible to keep up! The wallpaper trends that will be showering designer homes around the globe next year are here to stay – for a while. Think light-reflecting metallic wallpapers, walls that are bursting with colorful blooms, and one of my favorites – vintage baroque styled prints. Whatever your style, if you are re-decorating a room, you will surely love your new design for years to come.

Flora and Fauna

Decorating your home with nature is trendy, and will always be trendy. Get ready to see lots of floral textiles and designs as well as blossoming landscapes for walls. Fruity, crisp, exotic and delicate botanic wallpapers are going to be all over the place next year. Choose orchid blossoms, chinoiserie, or even tropical palm leaves for your walls – you sure won’t go wrong with this trend!

Metallic and Oxidized

Copper, silver, and gold motifs and perfect in making a space feel greater and deeper. Think metallic wallpapers that reflect light all over the place. Every change of light reveals new details of the wallpaper and looks down right glamorous!

Create Another World

A fun, and exciting way to make your room seem like it’s in another world is with a wall mural. Wall murals like the ones from YourWalls will continue to be a popular and fun way to create a whimsical, imaginary ambiance in a room – perfect for children’s bedrooms!

Mystic and Charming

These wallpapers are inspired by artistic and stylistic periods of the past – opulence, stylish, and exquisite with a touch of glamour. Think shabby chic, damask, baroque-inspired designs, and flowers. Colors like azure-gold, violet, ivory, petrol blue, and turquoise bronze capture the spirit and enduring charm of the past.

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