Easy Tricks to Make your Bedroom Comfy and Luxurious

Make your bedroom your own secret haven where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city and even the rest of the noisy household you may have at home. With all the work piling up this season, and an even hectic winter season, it’s time to prepare the perfect place you can relax and kick back in comfort and luxury. Check out these easy and affordable tricks how to makeover your space:

eclectic-bedroomWoodson and Rummerfield

Pile on the Pillows! 

Don’t be shy in piling on the pillows and even mixing and matching patterns and materials. Fur and velvet are looking super comfy and sumptuous this season as well as sequined, tropical and animal print fabrics.

velvet purple headboard mixed pillows how to floral bedroom decorating interior design mirrored side table chinoiserie wallpaper walls contemporary-bedroomRobin Pellisier

A Comfy Mattress Works Wonders

The secret to a comfy bed starts with the mattress. I never thought my bed was comfy until I tried out memory foam, believe me it’s worth the extra buck and consider it an investment in your health and a good nights rest! Try a comfy pocket sprung memory foam mattress and you won’t look back.

traditional-bedroomJanie K Hirsch

Flickering Candles to Set the Mood

Ever loved the smell of stepping into Pier one Imports? The secret in getting a tempting, relaxing and alluring scent in your bedroom starts with incense and candles. Arrange a plate of your favorite candles and let them flicker while you relax and enjoy a good book before dozing off to sleep.

 contemporary-bedroomPFuner Design