Stylish floors – How to Pick the Perfect Area Rug

Looking to add excitement, coziness, or color to a room? One of the most easiest and effective ways to finish off a space, giving it that pulled together designer appeal is to add a well-chosen area rug. A rug can dramatically change the feel and look of your room, so make sure to read this easy guide before shopping around.

Define spaces – If you have an open concept layout, your carpets can define the separate areas such as your living room and dining room. If you want to use two rugs, make sure they are not the same size because this can cut your room visually in half.

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The fit – Buy a well scaled rug that seamlessly flows and fits in with the rest of your décor. Think about it – would a tiny rug look good in front of a large sofa?

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Style – If you have the opportunity to decorate a room from scratch, buy your rug first and build the scheme from the floor up. Pull colors from your rug to set the atmosphere and palette for your room. If you are buying a rug for an already decorated room, look for colors in a rug that complement your favorite artwork or blend in with your soft furnishings. If you are looking to buy something online, SCS rugs has a great variety of on-trend rugs such as a gorgeous teal rug called the “Sparkle Rug”, similar to the one above.

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Lucid Interior Design

Family Friendly – The number one rule of decorating with rugs is to purchase the right one with your type of lifestyle in mind. If you have children or pets, they can quickly bring wear and tear to a rug so make sure to keep this in mind when deciding on the colors and materials. Wool rugs are easy to clean and usually are patterned which helps hide stains, shedding, hair, and spills.

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