A Beginner’s Guide to DIY Projects

DIY projects have never been easier and more popular to do especially with inspiring sources such as Pinterest’s DIY and Crafts board  – to blame for my DIY bug! The best way you can save money this season is filling your home up with unique and interesting features you can make all on your own. If you’re a DIY newbie, you may want to check out a few of these tips and tricks before you get started:

The Internet is your friend

There are websites, blogs, forums, Twitter accounts and every other platform imaginable for DIY enthusiasts to share their tips and tricks. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to implement it, search YouTube for tutorials or tweet a blogger for some advice; it’s a very friendly online community and people will be willing to help you out. If you’re a little more old school, buy a few DIY books and flick through them for ideas, inspiration and advice whenever you have a spare few minutes and are feeling creative.


DIY Friday’s: To Die for Union Jack Dresser

Don’t forget health and safety

Health and safety is a chore that most of us are all too familiar with; does having to use back supports at work and have a fire escape plan at home ring any bells? Joking aside, it is important to look after yourself, and even the pros usually have to take a trip to A&E at least once in their lives. That’s not to say that DIY is a particularly risky business; it’s often only as dangerous as you make it. A lot of it is down to common sense (don’t run with scissors, etc) so as long as you don’t start daydreaming with a power drill in your hand, you should be relatively ok.


DIY Friday’s Custom Bench in a Million Styles

What’s worth investing in?

Obviously DIY and crafts projects require supplies. If you want to keep things as cheap as possible, scour websites for bargains like Swift Trading online, or visit your local thrift store for materials. Cutting up your family’s old clothes in pretty fabrics is always a good resource too. Hunting for unusual supplies is all part of the fun, and many DIY fanatics spend their weekends hunting for crafty treasures. If you’re thinking about embarking on bigger projects, it’s a good idea to invest in some tools, and find a good specialist supplier for hardware.


Keep a scrapbook

If you’re not so tech savvy and the thought of an online pin board doesn’t appeal to you, then scrapbooking is a good way of creatively displaying your ideas for future DIY and crafts projects. Take cuttings from magazines, rip up wallpaper samples and scribble any notes down, such as a shopping list for a particular project or even a rough step-by-step guide of how you think you might create something. Scrapbooking can even become a hobby in itself, so take a look at this article for some tips before you get started.


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