This Youtuber Copied Kylie Jenners Closet – And it Looks Amazing!

See how Youtuber Adelaine Morin took Ikea’s LACK shelves and some mirrors from Loews to create Kylie Jenner’s dream closet!

We are always after a good DIY! Youtuber Adelaine Morin took Kylie Jenner’s closet as her next DIY project to totally remodel her closet! Remember those floating shelves and mirrors seen all over the Kardashian and Jenner’s closets? Those are super easy to DIY using Ikea’s LACK floating shelves and some mirrors from Loews.. You can visit Adelaine’s Youtube channel and see the whole DIY here!

Installing IKEA's lack floating shelves to Kylie Jenner closet DIY.
Adelaine Morin Installing lack floating shelves from IKEA.

The floating shelves from IKEA are a super affordable way to create this look. In fact, I think even Kylie Jenner purchased her’s from IKEA as they look exactly the same! Here is how Kylies REAL closet looks like:

Kylie jenner's closet with mirrors featured in AD.
Photo: Douglas Friedman for AD

One thing I noticed about Kylie Jenner’s closet is the LED strip lighting. I think this would be a great touch to also add to this DIY!

Adding mirrors between IKEAs lack floating shelves.
Youtuber Adelaine adding mirrors between the shelving!
Kylie Jenner closet DIY idea.
The finished product, looks amazing!
Adelaine Morin in her Kylie Jenner inspired closet DIY!

The finished closet has a custom built-in look to it and is also a great way to display some of your favorite shoes and bags. What’s even better is it’s an affordable way to get the look and literally anyone could do it if you have basic knowledge of a screwdriver, and drill. Note to Adelaine, I think the next step would be to add some strip lighting to those shelves. Would look amazing also! Until next time!