What to Look Out for When Moving Stuff in a Renovated Apartment!

So, your apartment renovation is finally coming to an end. Finishing such big projects leads to people experiencing many mixed emotions. Still, the strongest one is likely the urge to return to your familiar, now improved home!


Photos By: Unsplash

However, gathering your bags and rushing back in as soon as the last worker leaves your property isn’t the best idea. Let’s examine some steps that you should do first and share some handy tips you could use when you finally get to unpack.

Before Anything Else: Final Walk-Through

Imagine coming back only to find out that your sink doesn’t run, the new appliances don’t work, or you notice poorly-painted walls. Such a disappointment could ruin the sense of excitement you had as you planned the upgrades and waited for all the work to be over. You can avoid this and ensure you’ll return to a perfect new home by doing a detailed walk-through. Any respectable company will schedule a final examination themselves, discussing the remaining punch list tasks. If they fail to schedule that meeting, take the initiative, and ask for one yourself.

Take your time to examine every room, and don’t be afraid to speak up as soon as you notice anything, not 100% up to your standards. You could make a final to-do list with your builder to ensure everything matches your specifications.

Then, schedule another walk-through to ensure everything is up to par. It might delay moving back in for a few days, but it’s worth all the money and struggle put into the project.

When the Builders Are Out: Deep Clean

The renovation will leave your apartment messy and full of debris. Plus, imagine how much dust has settled while you were away. Most reputable remodelers will take some precautionary measures and clean up as much as they can. Still, don’t expect to find your apartment spick and span.

You could hire a professional cleaning service or tackle the dirt yourself. If you go for the latter option, make a ‘deep cleaning’ list, roll up your sleeves, and take the time to do it properly.

Finally: Moving In

Now comes the time for bringing all your possessions back to your home. Unpacking can be a struggle, though, so UMoveFree as moving experts suggest you hire professional help. While those people can’t unpack your boxes for you, it’ll be much easier once everything’s in one place.

Order of Unpacking

You likely won’t have the time to unpack everything in a day. So, make sure you’re taking things out in the right order, especially if you plan to spend the night there.

Set up the beds and spread clean linens first. Unpack the bathroom and kitchen essentials, too. Think toilet paper, shower items, cups, and some plates. You’ll want a meal and a good night’s sleep after that long day. Then, focus on the other necessary items, such as your clothes, books, and cutlery.

The details are the last thing to unpack. You’ll have to cast a critical look at your new space and see which items match it. Think about style with each painting, cushion, and rug to finish up the interior design.

After You’re Back: A Maintenance Checklist

Finally, once you settle back in, think about the new maintenance requirements your apartment now has. The renovators will leave instruction manuals for the devices and gadgets they installed, but you should also consider your surfaces. For example, if you now have marble countertops, periodical seals help prevent stains, while wood-floors might require a particular cleaning solution.

The Bottom Line

Finally, remember that, even after a long, tedious remodeling, your apartment won’t look its best on day one. However, as long as you ensure that every upgrade went according to the plan, clean up thoroughly, and unpack the essentials, the overwhelm will stop.

You’ll continue unpacking, fine-tuning the rooms with each day, and making your space match your desires. Don’t worry – you’ll soon be reveling in the results.