When redecorating your home, it is a good idea to make the changes that will have the most meaning or utility for you.

Photos By: Marsha Kotlyar

If they eliminate regular annoyances like not having enough hot water for the whole family or rooms that aren’t bright enough, then it will provide a lot more value. Here are three tips for redecorating your residence that seem small but make a big difference.

Living Room Decoration and Floor Plan

The organisation of the living room and any redecoration of it should consider the seating arrangement. In a home that has several occupants who like to relax in the living room and converse or where guests come in frequently for a chit-chat, then armchairs and sofas should be arranged to face each other. Doing so avoids people having to crane their neck around to look at the person they’re talking to. Also, adding a rug that covers the entire seating area and individual lighting makes it clearer that this is a place for relaxation, thinking and in-depth conversation.

Use Neutral Colours for the Walls

Whether you’ve been living in your home for a few years or it’s a recent purchase, the walls might not be to your liking. The general idea with interior walls is that they don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. They should have lighter, neutral colours. Think white, peach, pale blue, etc.

The reason for lighter colours is so that sunlight (and artificial light sources) gets reflected off the walls ensuring each room is as bright as possible. It does a far better job of keeping the corners of each room illuminated too. When using darker colours, the mood is generally as dim as the shade used. It tends to be a bad idea and makes the home difficult to sell if you ever put it on the market a few years down the line.

Fixing Hot Water Systems, Finally

In a home that you’re busy redecorating, it’s a good idea to think about the hot water system that the home currently has. The older it is, the more wasteful it will be both from an energy and water resources standpoint. Given the volume of water that the average homeowners use in a month, that’s not something that should be ignored.

Have a professional look at the plumbing including the hot water pipes to see if anything needs to be done about water distribution before redecorating starts. This way, any necessary changes can be completed before painting the walls and making other final touches. Getting the appropriate water capacity for your home is important, otherwise you’ll be fighting a running battle with hot water resources. However, the good news is that to find a 250 litre hot water system is not that hard. Just be sure to pick a quality brand and a reliable company to fit it for you.

Aim to redecorate strategically by making the changes that will have the most impact in your living experience. They don’t have to be the flashiest or visually impressive to do that.