Decorate and upgrade your fireplace with these easy ideas!

There are tons of easy ways you can make your fireplace look high-style, all by yourself! Follow our lead as we share some of our most favorite, and almost-effortless ways that will turn your glum looking fireplace into a wowing statement piece!

Layer Art Over Mirrors

Mirror tiles above a fireplace scream high style design. Show off your inner interior designer and hang a fine piece of artwork over the mirror tiles for a layered, gorgeous effect. Your guests will sure be wowed!

mirror wall tiles over brick fireplace decorOberto Gili

Make it Pop!

Bring color, life, and energy to your fireplace by hanging up an amazing piece of art work loaded with color. This oh-so-hollywood pop art Marilyn Monroe piece is just as stunning as the crystal chandelier hung above. And what a statement it makes!


Get Crafty

There are tons of DIY projects online where you can remake an old fireplace into a fun, crafty looking working of art. This designer turned to floral dessert plates to make this dining room fireplace mesmerizing and colorful.

 pink dining room fireplace diy decor with plates mosaic ideas better decorating bible blogRyland Peters

Group Candles on the Mantel

A collection of candles and candle holders of all sizes scattered on the mantel is romantic and charming way to create some ambience in your space. This works best with a fireplace that has a mantel or a shelf above to hold all the candles. If you are shopping for a new fireplace at the moment, then I would definitely advise visiting a showroom like Burning Inspirations, a 4500 square foot showroom filled with gorgeous fireplaces.

fireplace with candles on mantel decorating rusticNorth Folk Builders

Show Off Your Greenery

If you are an avid gardener or have a big love for plants, show them off by arranging them all around your fireplace! Big pots on top, around, and even inside will show off all your efforts in the spot light.

stone fireplace in sunroom decorEric Piasecki, Designed By Schafer Architect

Promote Light in a Dark Space

If your living room is looking a little glum, hang a mirror above your fireplace to promote natural sunlight throughout your space. Hanging a chandelier in your living room will make you space look even more brighter – once you turn it on, light will reflect off your mirror and light up your room! It’s also a great decor idea if you really have no clue what to place in the empty space over your fireplace.

Living room victorian decor mirror over fireplace silver chandelier decorating glass table silky pillows sofa built in wall shelvesVSP Interiors

Go to the Wild Side

Fauxidermy has been a staple in decorating magazines all year long, so if you want to spice up your fireplace without the guilt consider fauxidermy. Fauxidermy is artificial taxidermy, that gives you the same classical look without harming innocent animals. Definitely one of my favorite trends this year!

outdoor fireplace decor carpet rattan furniture fauxidermyGarrison Hullinger