DIY Friday: Custom Bench in a Million Styles

Forget searching for the perfect bench and make your own; just the way you like it! There is nothing better than taking things into your own hands and fully customizing your own shape, size, color, style, and fabric.

A lot of you have been in search of the perfect bench to place at the end of your bed, in the hallway, or walk-in closet and have failed unsurprisingly! That is why I’ve decided to feature this easy DIY where you can make your own custom upholstered bench! It will take some time, patience, and most importantly creativity but the end result is spectacular!

1st Dibs

Neimen Marcus

This project is for a 48” x 16” x 20” tall bench.


  • 2 48” 1×4’s
  • 2 14” 1×4’s
  • 4 legs
  • 4 table leg top plate attachments
  • 48” x 16” plywood
  • 48” x 16” foam
  • Batting and lining
  • Drill
  • Electric stapler
  • Spray adhesive
  • Prime and paint
  • 4 3” squares (optional)


1. Nail all the sides of 1×4’s together. Glue and then nail one 3” square of wood in each corner lining it up evenly with the top. This is where the leg will be attached. You could also attach your legs to the plywood top, but we wanted more of the decorative part of the legs to show.

2. Flip it over and attach the 16” x 48” piece of plywood with a power nailer around the edge.

3. Spray the top of plywood and bottom of the foam with spray adhesive and lay it on top of the plywood.

4. Stretch the batting tight, covering the foam and stapling it around the bottom. Then cover the batting with a piece of lining the same way (optional). This is where your decorative fabric comes in, attach it using the same method with a staple gun.

5. Cut the bulky fabric that is left in the corners close to the staples.

6. Attach the top table plate to each of the legs and prime and paint them with your desired color.

7. Attach the table plate to each corner with 4 screws it came with.

8. Screw the legs on and… voila!

Photos via Shannon Berrey

BDB Tip: To add some extra jazz hammer in some studs all around your new bench. Another project I came across used a vintage fur coat to cover the whole seat. I could definitely see myself adding some gold fringe all around with perhaps some tassels at each corner!