Bedroom Decorating – Transform You Space into a Heavenly Haven for Sleep

Not getting enough sleep? There is plenty that could go wrong when designing your bedroom. Here are our top tricks to decorate your bedroom for a good night’s rest, all while keeping style and the latest trends in mind! 


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Make Your Room as Dark as Possible

When your room isn’t dark enough, it can cause just enough distraction to keep you from falling asleep. A street lamp that shines brightly enough through your blinds is bound to keep you awake all night. Invest in blackout blinds to keep as much light out as possible. They may cost a little more than regular blinds, but you’ll be glad once you buy them!

Choose the Right Bed for Sleep

There are tons of beds on the market that promote a good nights rest, making it a little tricky to choose which one is the right one for you. Some beds use memory foam or water, and a combination of other technologies to make it easier and more comfortable to sleep. The best way is to shop is online. This lets you compare prices, and qualities so you know exactly what you are looking for before going into the showroom.

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Set a Cooler Temperature

When it’s too hot you may get the hours of sleep you need but not the quality of sleep you need. In the summer months, consider turning up the AC, or turning on a fan to keep your bedroom temperature cooler. You may also want to use thinner blankets. In the winter, it’s easy to stay cooler – just turn down the heat. However, if you suffer from anxiety then using a weighted anxiety blanket might be good for you. There are a few brands that provide a cooling effect while providing benefits of a weighted blanket.

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Bring the Outdoors In!

Decorating your room with plants is the perfect way to create a calming, and relaxing atmosphere for sleep. Consider a large banana plant or palm tree in the corner of your room, or even a small bonsai and some succulents can make a big difference, bringing some life and energy into your space. You can also hang up photos and artwork of plants, nature, and animals to create an exotic, soothing ambience that will put you right to sleep.

Choose the Right Colors for Sleep

Blues, greens, and grays are said to reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, all the signals that are needed for sleep time. Use cool colors for your walls, bed sheets, and blankets that will make you relaxed and at ease, the perfect state for drifting off to sleep.

disco room decor mirrored bed frame black and white better decorating bible blogPhoto By: Roger Davies, Designed By: Kelly Wearstler

Avoid Using Electronics Before Bed

There’s a lot to love about electronic devices, but they’re not good for getting a restful night’s sleep. According to research, artificial light is what’s wrecking your sleep, and it’s only made worse by the introduction of late-night backlit LED technology. Avoid using your laptop, cellphone, and tablet devices, at least one hour before bedtime and you will surely see a huge difference!

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