Different Rug Styles for Different Rooms

Choosing rugs for your rooms is notoriously challenging. You always know when you’ve got it right, but getting to that hallowed place is more complicated than you might think. A fantastic-looking rug in one room might look positively drab in another. 

But don’t worry. If you are having problems choosing suitable rugs, look no further. This post runs through the best rug styles for different rooms so that you can pick one that sings. 

Living Room

When it comes to living rooms, area rugs are your best bet. These help to anchor your furniture and make the space feel more cohesive.

As you might guess, no single style is best for the living room. Instead, you have several options depending on the room’s overarching theme. 

For example, Persian rugs are suitable for plain traditional lounges. These floor coverings pair with hardwood floors and conventional open hearths. Their intricate patterns and bold colour schemes add a nostalgic elegance to your spaces that take you back in time. 

Transitional rugs are another option to consider for the lounge. These try to offer the best of both worlds: a sense of history and modern dynamics. They’re so versatile that you can often keep them in your living room even if you renovate. 

Lastly, you could consider modern rugs for a minimalist or contemporary living room interior. These feature geometric lines and patterns, along with simple colour schemes that go well with metallic accessories and premium canvas wall art. Plus, they are inexpensive – great if you’re on a budget. 

Dining Room

Dining rooms need smaller rugs that fit under the table and chairs. Just as in the living room, they help to bring everything together. 

Many homeowners choose kilim rugs for their dining rooms. These are a cross between modern and Persian rugs, featuring bold and beautiful colours with geometric lines to spruce up the room. 

Oriental rugs are another option if you enjoy Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai food. Again, these offer bright colours, usually scarlet red and navy blue. Plus, being flat-woven reduces their profile relative to the floor, helping you arrange chairs and sit comfortably. 

Ideally, you want the rug to be large enough to prevent chairs from slipping off the edge. Therefore, leave at least two feet around the table edges so people can tuck their chairs in comfortably. 


Bedrooms are another popular location for rugs, providing underfoot comfort while you walk around looking for your slippers in the morning. 

Plush rugs are the most common variety seen in the bedroom. These feature long, thick fibres to retain warmth and protect the soles of your feet from hard, cold floors. 

Shag rugs – a type of plush rug – have a high pile, which means they feature longer fibres and loops, often knotted together at the end. Faux fur rugs are made of a thick synthetic fibre weave that captures more air, improving insulation. 

If you have a chic or contemporary bedroom interior, go for a shag rug. These look great when placed under the bed or on a walkway that always gets cold. Faux fur rugs are best suited for more glamorous bedrooms and create a more rustic aesthetic. 

Home Office

For home offices, you want a durable rug that can withstand abuse from your swivel chair and the fact that you’re standing up and sitting down all day. 

Most homeowners choose low-pile rugs for this purpose. These are more straightforward to wash and maintain. You can also move your chair over them smoothly when moving around at your desk.

Another option is a natural fibre rug. These are perfect if you want to make your working space more eco-friendly, like to work in a more traditional environment or blend your office with the rest of your home.

Sisal is a wonderful rug material because of its speckled appearance and durability. However, jute is also a fabric to consider for its softness and breathability. 


Finally, you might consider putting down a rug in your kitchen to make it more homely and welcoming. Most people choose so-called “performance rugs” made of synthetic fibres for this room because they are much easier to clean after spills. However, some homeowners also opt for long, vintage rugs that add charm and a little history. These can look fantastic paired with copper cooking equipment. 

Having read this, you should better understand how different rug styles work in different rooms. Follow the above advice to find the perfect combination for your spaces.