How To Decorate Your House With Charming Personalized Window Curtains

One of the biggest and most noticeable pieces of decor in most rooms are the curtains!


Photos By: Unsplash

They take up a ton of space, and when closed, make a giant statement. As a result, having the right curtains is very important.

While you can go down to the store and choose from a sample of different curtain options, why not opt for some personalized window curtains? You can ensure they look exactly how you want, in terms of color, style, size, and shape.

But if you are going to customize your own curtains, you need to ensure they elevate the look of your space, and not hurt it. With that in mind, this article is going to go over some tips on how to decorate your house with personalized window curtains.

Ensure The Curtains Fit the Decor/Style

The first thing to keep in mind when decorating your home with curtains is to make sure that you pick curtains that match your style and fit with your space. If your home is full of neutral decor and furniture, a neutral set of curtains will often look the best.

They can have some unique designs or patterns, but do your best to keep them from clashing with the color or decor in the room. Of course, it’s your space and you can decorate it how you see fit, but matching or ensuring the colors are complimentary is a good idea.

While matching curtains with your space is crucial, don’t forget about the function of curtains. While some are purely decorative, others may aid in soundproofing your space, keeping light out, and keeping your interior temperature consistent and comfortable. They still need to perform this function in addition to fitting well in your room.

Get the Right Size and Shape

The style, size and shape of the curtains are another very important thing to think about. Curtains come in a variety of styles and there are many different types of curtains out there to choose from for your home. Some are a single panel, some are a double panel, some can be tiered, and some may even resemble scarves. No matter your tastes, there are certainly some curtains that you will adore.

In addition to style and shape, take time to measure how large your custom curtains should be. They should completely cover the window, without being too large. Most full-length curtains for large windows should graze the floor, without being too long that they get caught or tripped on. On the other hand, avoid making them too short as this can look awkward. Always take some measurements and record them to ensure you make the right choice.

Maintain Consistency Throughout the Home

In home decor, consistency is key. Every room should look like it belongs with the last. Different decor is fine, but they should all have a similar look and overall theme. This helps keep the home comfortable, and stops each space from looking disjointed.

This is the case with curtains, as well. From room to room, you want to ensure your curtains are similar. They don’t need to be exactly the same, but should be close enough to fit well together. Colors should be close, the fabric should be the same or similar, and the style/size shouldn’t change much at all. All of this can help your space feel cohesive, which is quite important in interior design and home decor.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you learn how to best decorate your home with charming and personalized window curtains.