Using Diffusers To Scent Your Home

The sense of scent is powerful. It can help remind you of happy memories, and it can be used to help you relax after a stressful day at work!


Photos By: Unsplash

A simple way to bring mood-enhancing aromas into your home is through the use of a diffuser. There are a few different types of diffusers available on the market today, so becoming familiar with their similarities and differences will help you make an informed choice when you decide to add a diffuser to your home.

A diffuser is a mechanism that is used to release the scent from essential oils to permeate the air in a room. Five of the most popular types of diffusers include ultrasonic diffusers, heat diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, reed diffusers and evaporative diffusers.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

The ultrasonic diffuser releases the scent of aromatic essential oils by vaporizing the essential oils. The ultrasonic device utilizes a component, called a transducer, in the vaporization process. In this method of diffusion, water is added to the oil, and this makes for a more subtle scent release than some of the other diffuser options available.

Heat Diffusers 

Heat diffusers are popular because they are inexpensive to use and take advantage of simple items to make them function. A heat diffuser is made of a material that can withstand heat, such as metal or porcelain. The material is formed into a bowl shape, and into this bowl you place the essential oil and water. The bowl is outfitted with legs so that a heat source, often a small lit candle, can be placed underneath the bowl. The heat from the candle helps to warm the water and oil mixture in the bowl, thereby discharging the scented oil into the air.

Nebulizing Diffusers

People often have questions about how do diffusers work when it comes to nebulizing diffusers because they are quite different from the previously mentioned varieties. Nebulizing diffusers, also called nebulizers, are utilized when you want a very strong essential oil aroma to pervade the indoor air. With this method, you do not mix the oil with water, nor is a heat source needed. Instead, the nebulizer attaches to the bottle of pure essential oil, and it uses highly pressurized air to flow through the essential oil, causing it to flood the room with a rich scent.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers consist of a bottle of essential oil into which long reeds are placed. Over time, the reeds soak up the oil, and the scent is dispersed from the airborne ends of the reeds out into your living spaces. This is a safe and effective method of essential oil diffusion to consider because it requires no heat source to activate it.

Evaporative Diffusers

Essential oils can be spread around your home via an evaporative diffuser. The user places aromatic oil on an absorbent pad, where it is allowed to evaporate. A fan is then used to effectively push the scent from the pad out to greater distances from the diffuser.

Many people find relief from stress or just a simple pleasure in the use of diffusers. There are many different essential oil fragrances from which you can choose your favorites to help bring you the relaxation that you desire.