Customize Your RV To Feel Like Home

Take a fun vacation with your RV, here is how you can customize it to feel like home!


Photos By: Unsplash

Taking vacations once in a while is an excellent addition to your lifestyle. Vacation helps you relax and rejuvenate for the next period, be it school or work. During holidays or the summer, people tend to book hotels, resorts, or Airbnb as a place to stay during their vacation. However, you can reduce the expenses by using your RV. recreational vehicles are cozy and allow you to be as comfortable as you would be at home. 

There are several ways to pimp the RV to make it feel like home. Below are some of the ways. 

Assess the RV’s Condition 

First and foremost, you have to ensure the vehicle is in optimum condition before embarking on making it your home. Contact an excellent mechanic to come and check for any issues that need to be fixed. Since you will be travelling with the vehicle, it needs to be in an above average state to sustain you on the road and when using it as a home. Change any parts that need an upgrade. Get auto spare parts manufacturers in China to supply you with the parts. They are some of the best in the world. 

After checking its performance, take it for a test drive with a professional so they can give you their insights on whether it is fit to be on the road.

Personalize the Living Room 

The living room is where you will spend most of your time, especially if you are in the company of friends. The space needs to be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate everyone. Add eccentric furniture in the room, the size and number of furniture will depend on the size of the RV. The furniture includes sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, shelves, etc. only include furniture that is necessary. 

Also, you can have a carpet that matches with the interior theme, curtains, unique lighting such as solar string lights, and so on. It is best to use professionals who understand how to install furniture and other accessories in a vehicle. 

Have a Nice Kitchen

You will need a kitchen if you are planning to live in the RV. Having a nice kitchen makes it more like a home than buying food daily. A kitchen can be in the living room if you don’t have much space, but if space is not a problem, set aside some kitchen room. There are several ways you can customize the kitchen to suit your needs. Have a list of the appliances that must be included then if you still have money left in your budget, you can add more appliances. 

Install a cooker, fridge, microwave, and other appliances. If you have a big space, you can even have an island. Having a kitchen helps you stay healthy since you will cook a well balanced diet while avoiding fast foods.

Sleeping Quarters

Sleeping in an RV requires you to think out of the box and develop unique sleeping ideas. Since space is minimal, installing normal beds might not work to your advantage. Sleeping arrangements also depend on the number of people using the RV simultaneously. If you are a big family, you can install bunk beds to accommodate more people in a small space. Also, the living area can be turned into sleeping rooms.

Install sofas that can be turned into beds when need arises. Also, murphy beds are a great idea, especially in small RVs where extra space is needed. There are many ideas you can get on online platforms, trade shows, and websites. Attend several expos such as trade show displays, Las Vegas to get more unique ideas.

Toilet and Bathroom

The last essential addition is the toilet and bathroom. Since you will be traveling for a long, you will constantly need to relieve yourself. It is possible to have toilets in an RV. The toilet is connected to the water supply you will use to flush, and the waste collects in a black tank under the vehicle. It is a reliable system as long as you know how to maintain it well. Big RVs have black tanks with a capacity of up to 50 gallons, meaning you don’t have to dispose of the wastes regularly.

Other wastes also have tanks that collect them. To have an odor-free RV, you must not let the waste accumulate for long before disposing of it. A tip to remember, always empty the tanks before storing the RV, whether it is long-term or short-term. It means after every trip, you empty the tanks and clean them. 

Quick Tips to Remember

* When packing your RV in a selected location, you can make it feel like a campsite. You can grill some meat with friends and have an enjoyable time.

* You can also include solar panels on top of the vehicle as a source of energy. 

* Add accessories that reflect your personality. 


There are many ways to make a recreational vehicle feel like home. If you are a creative person, you can even do it yourself and consult professionals regarding furniture installation and other crucial things. Traveling in a vehicle that feels like home is the best vacation you can have. Moreover, RVs reduce the overall cost of the holiday since you will be avoiding hotels and restaurants. Don’t be left out; get yourself a modern RV and personalize it to your taste.