Hot Tub Benches and Things to Know Before Buying

It feels relaxing and good to soak in a hot tub, but there are many options when you decide to buy!


Photos By: Unsplash and Pexels

It’s important to not depend your decision based on the price alone but also on the comfort you can get after buying these tubs. When you’re looking for the right one in the market, set a budget and know your goals. Many homeowners seek a return on investment in pain relief, better health, and more time with the family and this is why they want to install these tubs.

When buying a hot tub, you need to consider the available models and your overall budget. Some brands have hot tub benches where everybody can sit down comfortably and relax. The more seats there are, the more they can accommodate other family members in your home. You might want to know more about the specifications so you can shop wisely.

Many of the manufacturers may list the specifications of a model on their website or shop labels. You can make comparisons only if you know how to interpret the information listed. Some of the things that you need to know are the following:


Some types can cater to at least seven people through the seats. The more benches are there, the more family members the hot tub can accommodate. You may be a family of four with an occasional guest. If so, look for tubs with just the right features so you won’t have to spend a lot on seats that you don’t need.

Entertaining guests and family on the weekends may require you to have more, so everyone who would love to have a hot soak can be accommodated. The prices can increase based on the number, so it’s best to plan and know your needs before shopping.


The dimensions matter and this is in connection to the number of seats. In some cases, both models may have the exact dimensions, but one may have five seats, and the other offers six. So, while the second one provides six seating, the first can be more spacious with enough area for everyone to move comfortably.

Factors like width and length are also important factors when making a decision, as well as height. Find a height that’s just right so you can immerse fully in your hot tub, even if you’re tall. Read more about the benefits of hot tubs on this page here.

Number of Jets

Speaking about jets, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. The design and positioning will still determine whether you can benefit from a hydromassage experience or not, and they are more important than the numbers. It’s worth noting that the more pressure jets the tub has, the more pressure you need for the pumps to supply.

The design plays a significant role in your ultimate experience. You can compare this with the way you water your garden, and the hose you’re using that has a nozzle to wash your car. You can ask the dealers to give you more details and recommend the best hot tub for you based on your needs.

Water Capacity

The size will determine the water capacity of this spa. The larger it is, the more water you’ll need and gallons it will hold. This is very important because the size dictates how long you will fill your tub or drain it and how much it would cost you in the long run. One brand can hold up to 450 gallons, usually on the high side of the water capacity.


The pumps are the deciding factors on your jets’ pressure. Pressure is significant for your health and pain relief. Some may deliver about 4.5 horsepower of continuous stress, which is enough to power about 43 jets. When you look for other models, look for a baseline of at least 10.5% horsepower per jet for comparison.


This wattage is going to be determined by multiplying amps by volts. If you want to understand these numbers better, you may think about the amount of water running inside a pipe. The volts will correspond roughly to pounds per square inch or PSI, which is the pressure that forces the water through the pipes. Get more info about how wattage is calculated here.

The amps are usually measured by gallons per minute where it will be the amount of water delivered through the pipes. The higher the wattage, the more electricity is going to be required to operate the hot tub. If the brand that you’ve chosen requires about 220 volts or more, there may be a need to install an exclusive and appropriate outlet for this. The dealers in your area can explain this.


A heater’s primary job is to ensure that the water is heated at the right temperature. The high-voltage tubs may require more energy to run. However, they don’t need to run very long to achieve the correct temperature of the water. The less powerful ones may require more effort to work, so factor this in when you’re choosing various models in the market.