What Does Your Wall Art Say About Your Personality

Personalize your home’s decor with meaningful wall art. Here’s how!


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Here’s an unpopular opinion: your clothing can say a lot about not only your personality but also your line of profession. Your home, on the other hand, is your mirror, or at least it should be. For a moment, let’s forget about buying hard-worn furniture, luxury carpets, and leather recliners – because the interior decor is a lot more than that!

Walls, people, walls!

Regardless of how many interior designers create radical trends in home décor, one element will always outrank others and remain timeless: wall art. The walls of any home are a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities. Believe it or not, anything you add to your home’s interior will have a massive impact on your space. More importantly, it will speak volumes about your personality. Yes, that’s right! People will look at your walls and judge you within a heartbeat! For instance, if you hang a bucket of flowers on room doors, visitors/guests will find you to be a pleasant soul with an undying love for spring. Yes, this concept of judging someone based on their home walls seems a bit absurd, but for better or for worse, it gives you a perspective on what to expect. Nonetheless, inspiration comes from within, and when you paste all of that on your walls, gasping is mandatory – especially if you have good taste. So, let’s make a judgment call and assume what the items on every home owner’s wall say about them!

1. The ‘Entire World’ On Display

By the ‘entire world,’ we didn’t mean everything in the house is on display. Instead, we literally mean the world! Yes, a full-blown up world map! This isn’t typical wall art! It sheds light on how earthy or geographic a person is! Besides, plenty of homeowners have custom map posters on their walls. That doesn’t just aesthetically light up the house, but it also gives out a strong vibe that the person loves to travel and possesses a pure desire to one day mark every destination they’ve been to on the map!

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2. Paint My Personality

Here comes the moment of truth: something as simple as picking out a paint shade for your walls can actually send letters of personal information to your guests. A solid color is arguably the boldest reflection of one’s personality on a wall. HOW, you ask? Well, remember in kindergarten, when you studied the spectrum of colors, both warm and bright – it’s time to apply all that knowledge. People who adore yellow and orange tones are optimistic, hopeful, preferring the cheerful and encouraging reminders of fire and the sun. People who fancy red are passionate and energetic.

Color psychology is a vastly documented area of study. Not only do colors communicate emotions, but they speak volumes about the people and how they choose to use color in their lives. Therefore, colors also play games on a person’s perception as they tend to leap forward with a wall.

3. A Wall-Shelf Full Of Vintage Pieces

Without a doubt, antique accents provide an automatic touch of intricacy, even if they weren’t considered masterpieces in their own period. Almost every book smart person has a shelf for placing encyclopedia and a ton of novels. But, hear us out; a wall shelf containing antique pieces can set a different perspective. Sure, vintage wall art can add superior aesthetics to your home. Still, the beautiful and ancient pieces aligned on a shelf will portray you as someone who appreciates intricate details and finesse. It could also imply a love for history.

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4. Paging Dr. Fights A Lot

Do you have a massive collection of silent movie posters? Bold and colorful enough to send a strong, black, and white message? If yes, then you must be one of those individuals who are fighting their own battles, silently! This isn’t weird or creepy at all; it’s merely a representation of how you feel internally. Basically, you’ll be coming off as a shy guy who has a fun personality when provoked or someone who is struggling to speak but cannot find the right words.

5. A Reminiscent Soul

We all know how fantastic picture collages are and how well they represent a myriad of beloved memories, right? Therefore, if the wall behind your sofa is decorated with a giant mixed art of pictures, you’ll be giving out mixed signals with the added effect of reminiscing on past moments. Perhaps, you’ll be noted as a complicated person, or maybe even somewhat ‘messed up’ to put it politely. Nonetheless, pictures that reflect on memories add a terrific aesthetic to any wall.

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6. Starry Night Paintings

When it comes to wall decoration, we all think of paintings. Adding paintings is the traditional method of elegance, and it has evolved a lot. If you have a Vincent van Gogh hanging on your wall, particularly a starry night, congratulations, buddy, your visitors will consider you a quiet intellectual who enjoys stargazing! Still better than Sunflowers and boring, though! On top of that, you’re not an introvert, but the way you stick your head out of the window at night and wonder what the stars are up to makes you an unrequited love expert.


Yes, wall judgment is uncalled for, but it truly reflects your personality, whether you’ve been decorating your walls without knowing this. If you live in a place where people come and visit all the time, creating an “arms wide open” welcoming ambiance is essential. reagrdless, your walls will remain the spot of your house that will draw the most attention.