DIY Home Decorating Tips 

Pass time while social distancing and improving your living space. 2020 has given us more time at home than we could have ever imagined!


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The upside to being held-up inside? Get those home DIY projects that you always put off done! Maybe you want to add some extra storage to your bathroom or just want to upgrade your room design? Whatever the case, there isn’t going to be a better time than now for a DIY. Here are some DIY tips for each room in your house. 

The Bathroom 

With so many toiletries and hair essentials, the bathroom can get cluttered easily. That’s why organizing your items is more than critical. Let’s face it, who wants to knock over a bunch of Q-tips while looking for your hairdryer under the sink? 

Wine Towel Rack

A rolled-up towel happens to be about the same size as a bottle of wine, making a wine rack versatile for use in the bathroom– while also saving space. 

Mason Jar Storage 

Mason jars are perfect for holding cotton balls, your bamboo toothbrush, or Q-tips. You can take it a step further and attach the mason jars to a wooden board to make more of a Farmhouse-chic feel. 

Floating Shelves

Since bathrooms are usually smaller, taking advantage of the vertical space can really open up some room. You can add two or three shelves above the toilet for more decor or bathroom items.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is a great area to get creative and imaginative about your space and decor!

Storage Jars

You can purchase some plain jars and use porcelain paint for labels like “sugar” or “tea”. This while add a pop to your kitchen while simultaneously giving you the storage you needed.

Homemade Chalkboard 

Make a DIY chalkboard by purchasing some chalkboard paper and a lightweight picture frame. You can use it to write down your grocery list or what’s on the menu for dinner at night! Either way, it adds a little fun and flair to your traditional kitchen decor. 

Coffee Cup Holder

By simply using a few pallets and hooks you can create a convenient way to hang your coffee mugs. The best part is you can get creative with this one by painting the pallets or hanging the hooks in different directions. 

Living Spaces/Bedroom 

With the living spaces and bedroom taking up the majority of space in your house, it can be challenging to fill the areas appropriately. No one wants to come home to a house that doesn’t feel cozy and stylish!


Candles are great for decor in any room and the best part is they smell amazing too! Making a homemade candle is a fun little project you can do at home with a few simple items. There is a great recipe to follow here! 


Indoor plants create some visual beauty and also have additional health benefits. However, fake plants are also great options– as they take no work to maintain! There are many ways to get creative with plants. You can buy your own pot and spray paint it for a look that matches the room. Plants don’t always have to stay on the ground or counters, either. One of the best ways to use a plant is to hang it. You can create a DIY hanging plant holder– all you need is a cotton cord and your potted plant of choice.


Baskets are extremely versatile and can be a cute way to store nearly anything–from blankets to plants. We recommend using a basket for organization to de-clutter your home. One of our favorites ideas is using woven baskets in places that are smaller like your laundry room. The basket can hold essentials like linen, towels, or your wool dryer balls


Do you happen to have a bookshelf full of books that are getting dusty? Well, if so, books are an excellent option for putting under fake flowers or plants to add some height among other decorations. You can stack 2 or 3 books on your coffee table, dresser, or shelf– anywhere that needs a little dimension.

Photos and Picture Frames

You can pick up a blank canvas at any art store and paint something you like yourself! If not, a picture frame works just as well. It’s comforting for guests to know your home is yours when it portrays who you are. In addition, photos can be hung up in other creative ways like using clothes pines or a binder strip on string. Large empty frames can also be used to hang multiple smaller photos!

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