Learn How to Avoid DIY Plumbing Issues from Professionals

Most people around the world know their way around the house when something breaks or needs repair. That is an excellent way to save some money, as professional repairers would probably charge a lot for something you can handle yourself.


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However, some breakdowns require professional assistance. Regardless of how much you think you know how to fix something, it’s always better to bring in professional crew than to make an even bigger issue. And this is highly possible to happen, as you probably don’t have professional tools and required knowledge to be a man-for-all.

Plumbing is one of the things with which you shouldn’t mess around if you have no prior experience and the right equipment. It may seem like something you might want to try and fix all by yourself, but it’s wiser to consult professional plumbers before you opt-out for DIY plumbing. There are many mistakes an inexperienced individual can make and cause more damage.

Don’t Call Plumber Every Time

A professional plumber will come whenever you call. But you really should think if that’s necessary. Sure, maybe you’re a complete ignoramus for housework, or you just don’t have time to deal with that. But if you are free and know how to use a tool, get to work. Many small plumbing breakdowns almost anyone can repair without professional help. People also tend to find answers on DIY videos online, and they can be incredibly useful for many situations. You can even find tutorials on solving a particular plumbing breakdown, and it’s probably easier than you think.

Before you get to work, make sure to secure your home from flooding. Always have a phone nearby, just in case, if you need the professional plumbing service. You can even call them and ask for advice if in doubt – that won’t cost you anything.

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Small Plumbing Issues You Can Solve Yourself

There are some of the issues that everyone with a set of basic plumbing tools can resolve. For example, if you have a clogged drain, you can solve this unpleasant situation quickly. In some cases, you even won’t need tools, so there’s no need to call a plumber. Don’t flush persistently if the toilet paper doesn’t go through the drain. If the use of a plunger didn’t bring results, maybe you should try some domestic tricks. Before you decide on heavy chemicals, try with baking soda powder, detergent, salt, and boiling water instead.

In case water is running in your toilet after the flushing is done, the lever inside the water tank is probably damaged or has some other problems. By removing the toilet tank lid, you’ll see the chain holding the lever. If the string is detached from the bar, attach it back, and it’s solved. In case that didn’t work, see here what to do next. If the water is still running, you may need to replace the chain.

Continuous water dripping from the faucet can be extremely annoying. It probably means that the ring within the tap is loosened. Cut the water supply to the faucet, and then open the handle. If either washer or O-ring is damaged, you should replace them. In case the dripping is still there, you’ll have to investigate further and discover if there are any loose or broken parts.

Problems That Require Professional Help

Dealing with DIY plumbing is fine for some smaller repairs, but if you have a burst pipe or a broken water heater, you must consider calling a plumbing service. Even if you have prior experience in replacing the malfunctioning water heater, you shouldn’t risk repairing it yourself. All plumbing systems are different, and it’s best and safest to leave it to professionals. When pipes burst, the damage can be severe. This is a common plumbing breakdown, and it usually happens when the pipes are wear-and-tear, or poorly installed. Also, significant temperature changes can lead pipes to crack.

That’s when you must call professional plumbers to help you repair or replace the pipes, and to salvage everything that can be recovered. Never attempt to repair broken pipes by yourself because you may cause more significant harm to the pipeline system. If you bought the house and didn’t do a regular inspection after purchase, you probably even don’t know where the pipes are.

On this page, learn how to recognize signs of leaky pipes in your household.

Another problem that requires professional attendance is the clogged sewer lines. All kinds of stuff can get stuck down there. Pouring various chemicals or trying to unclog it with multiple tools can bring more damage if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Therefore, make sure to hire a certified plumbing service to resolve the issue instead of doing it yourself.

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Is DIY Plumbing Good Idea?

Even though people believe that some plumbing issues can be quickly resolved with essential tools and knowledge, it’s not always the case. Complications may arise and make everything much worse than it was. Even before you begin to fix something, consult professionals, and ask for their advice. If they believe it’s something anyone can fix, they’ll give you the needed instructions. Online DIY videos can be of significant help, but they can also sometimes be very misleading. If you don’t pay attention, you might miss some essential details and create more damage. That’s why DIY plumbing jobs can be very tricky to handle.

If you have no previous experience with these things, always call your local plumbing service center. Their professional personnel will do all it takes to resolve the issues your plumbing system suffers from. But be careful when hiring any repairer, as you can always run onto a fraud.

Household failures often occur during inconvenient times (weekends, nights). Each emergency call to the plumber means two things – more cost and more stress. If the problem can wait for you, or you know how to delay the plumber’s arrival, do that. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t risk and hire a professional.

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