Tips for Keeping Your House Clean on a Busy Schedule

Everyone has a super busy schedule but keeping your house clean is always a must. Here is how to keep your home sparkling clean even when you have a full schedule!


Photo By: Oliver Designs

Life is busy. We get it. Tackling house cleaning when you’re dead tired is sometimes too much to ask. Yet, a cluttered house lends itself to depression and sometimes physical illness. You try your best to tidy up as you go along, but it seems as if belongings pile up quicker than you can pick them up. There are ways to keep the clutter under control, though, without adding stress to your life. It just takes a little planning and organization. Try these tips for keeping your house clean on a busy schedule.

Set Aside 15 Minutes To Clean

Plan on a 15-minute surface clean every day. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters. Take out the trash, and sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors. Tidy up the living room. Place everything on the bathroom counters in drawers or cabinets. Replace soiled kitchen and bathroom towels with clean ones. Have each family member use their 15 minutes to pick up their bedroom. Deep cleaning can wait for the weekend.

You can use a dry erase board or poster board to designate cleaning chores. Each day has its 15 minutes, whether at night or in the mornings, whichever is the least crowded. Remember to reward family members for completed tasks with a treat or a gift.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Homeowners who are too busy to tidy up their homes should consider hiring a professional cleaning service. They clean according to your schedule and your needs: window washing isn’t out of the question, deep cleaning is on the table, and cleaning all the rooms and sweeping is the norm.

Professional cleaners are paid by the service they work for, which means tips aren’t required. Yet for many people, knowing how much to tip maid service is something to consider, especially around the holidays. It ultimately depends on the situation. You can’t go wrong by giving your cleaners extra money for their hard work, whether it’s $10, $20, $50, or more.

Do Dishes and Laundry at Night

Night hours are the lowest in energy usage in most states. You’ll be saving money as well as keeping your house clean each day. Load the dishwasher and do the laundry at night following supper. Unload them each morning while the muffins are toasting and the coffee is dripping.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Busy people tend not to jog to the broom closet for the cleaning supplies then go clean a room. That takes time you don’t have. The answer is to keep cleaning supplies within easy reach. If the bedrooms and bathroom are on one side of the house, they need their own supplies basket. The kitchen, laundry room, and living room should have their own supplies at hand. Furthermore, make sure to keep your home stocked with the essential cleaning products.

Accustom Yourselves to Putting Things Away

Lastly, you should strive to make it a habit for you and your family to put things away when they’re no longer being used. Every item should have its place. Shoes should go into a basket by the front door upon entry to the house. Backpacks and briefcases should go on a table or bench in the foyer. Dishes and laundry should be put away when they’re done. Toys should be put away each night before bed. Anything loose has a place – see that it gets there.