House Painters Helping Thornton Homeowners With Their Exterior Painting

Painting a house can be a rather tiring and time-consuming process! My family had this weird custom where we painted the whole house before December, you know, to receive the new year with new spirits. We’d also clean the house, tidy up our garden and gift things that we didn’t need anymore.


The worst thing about this was the painting process. We had to paint the whole exterior of the house. For a three-person household, this was quite the adventure. And you know the saddest thing about it? We weren’t that good at what we did.

That’s why, one year, I managed to convince my parents to hire a professional house painting service to help us do the hard work. They were amazed by their performance. They not only did it quickly but pretty neatly too. It was a good investment, and we have done it the same since then. They had the right tools, experience, and personnel to do to the job seamlessly. If you are a homeowner in Thornton, I highly recommend you to hire the Imperial Painters Thornton CO.

Now, if you are asking yourself why you should hire someone to paint your house for you, I will share with you what’s so great of having an expert do the job for you.

Expect Quality Work

As I said earlier, professional painters have the best tools to provide high-quality work. They also have the experience and techniques to do it with precision and expertise. By hiring a professional, you ensure there are no mess flakes, chips, debris, or bad lines. And, if you don’t have a custom of painting your house every year, you’ll have a painted house that could stay ideal for many years to come.

The Task will Probably Take way less Time

I used to live with my parents in a pretty big house. It was kind of hard to paint the whole house with just three persons. Since we started hiring professionals to do the job for us, we saved a lot of time. Time we would have had to spend under the burning sun, which was something I wasn’t that motivated to do.

A painting company usually has a whole team to complete a painting project. They have everything they require in hand, too, so no preparation is needed. Having to spend lots of time acquiring what we needed was frequently the case for us since we had to buy materials, tools, and whatever we needed to start painting.

It Can be Cheaper than you Expect

Believe it or not, hiring a company to paint the exterior of our house wasn’t as expensive as we thought. When we used to paint our house, we had to spend money on everything, from paint to equipment. It seems like professional painters get discounts on paints and tools from painting stores since they buy in large amounts.

That’s the way they can provide an affordable service, offering quality work without surpassing the specified budget. In some cases, it may even be cheaper than doing it by yourself.

You Won’t have to Clean the Big Mess

Painting can be rather messy, even when you are painting the exterior side of your house. That’s something you will be cleaning, and it requires time and effort. A professional painting company will take care of the cleanups for you. When the painting process has finished, you’ll only have to worry about paying up the bill.

If they Somehow Mess up, you won’t Have to Worry

Usually, a professional company has an insurance policy. Meaning that if they break something or do a poor job, you’ll get some of your money back, or all of it, depending on the company, of course. That ensures you’ll receive a high-quality job, or get compensated if you don’t.

You Won’t Regret the Decision.

Once everything is set up and done, you’ll look at your house and understand why they are experts at what they do. That indeed happened to us when we saw our home. There were no mistakes in the whole house. They even selected a paint that somehow was different from the one we usually used, which added a nice touch to your abode, making it slightly different, but better. Not totally convinced yet? Check out this.

Do you Want to Give it a Try and do it by Yourself?

You’ll have to prepare, then. You’ll need to buy the equipment first. A good equipment list would include:

* A paint roller set for broad areas.
* Paintbrushes for smaller areas.
* A paint sprayer is a good option for painting exterior walls
* Paper, cloth, or canvas to avoid ruining the floor.
* A ladder to reach higher areas.

You can check this for more information. Now, you have to decide when to start painting your house. A good recommendation is to take moisture, temperature, and weather into consideration.

Try not to paint during rainy or humid days, to avoid ruining the paint. You want the surface of your house dry to paint with comfort and security. Also, don’t paint in cold or hot days, since extreme weather can make your painting process bring undesirable results. The best time to start painting is during the morning or middle afternoon, so the paint dries as the night arrives. Summer is an excellent season to paint houses.

Also, you have to decide on the paint you are going to use, and the color. Settling for a new color can be pretty daunting since it may change your house for the best, or the worst. That decision requires a lot of courage, but a good recommendation is to stick a similar color, bringing your house’s style into consideration.

You’ll also have to take notes on the condition of the house, to fix potential problems as you go. Estimate how much paint you’ll use, start cleaning before you start and then, start the project. A good personal recommendation is to think of each side of your home as an individual project, which you’ll take step by step. That way, you’ll feel like you are progressing, and will enjoy the satisfaction that comes from painting your house by yourself!

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