What Factors to Consider when Selecting a Deer Fence?

The best option of saving your garden or farm from invading deer is to install a deer fence that can effectively prevent the animals from entering the area.


Photo by Sudbury Design Group

To deal with the deer problem, the deer fence is the perfect solution. Although saving your beloved plants from deer-bite is the prime motivation to erect fence the measure taken in deer control has other benefits. It facilitates better health, a benefit that people usually do not talk about. Deer are the source of Lyme disease because when the ticks they carry reach your backyard can make you sick. Spraying insecticides to kill ticks might appear to be a possible solution, but then spraying chemicals on the land can cause much more harm. Erecting deer fence helps to protect the plants from deer as well as your pet dogs, keep away disease-bearing ticks and avoid chemical exposure to land.

Knowing what you want to achieve with a deer fence is vital in selecting the right type of fence. To know about the types of deer fences, you can log on to https://www.critterfence.com/garden-fence/, and this article should help you to understand what to consider when buying deer fence.

Fence Height

Deer can run very fast, which we all know, but the athletic animal can even jump very high. It is a factor that you must keep in mind when deciding about fence height. On average, deer can jump an unbelievable height of 8 feet, and the fence height should be slightly more than it. Although 7 feet fences are generally available, you can increase the height a little more to be on the safe side. Choosing a metal or polypropylene mesh fence of 8 feet height should effectively guard your property against the deer invasion.

Make Provision for Slack

It will be a mistake to presume that deer would only try to cross the fence by jumping over it. Although the big animals are fond of jumping, it loses no opportunity to push the big body under the fencing to try to enter the prohibited space. To prevent it, there must not be any gap between the fence and the ground. If you are installing polypropylene fencing, you must give some slack that spills over the ground in from of the fencing so that you can pin it to the ground with stakes.

Be Ready to Repair

The fencing provides the much-needed barrier to stop deer progress, but you must be watchful about its condition to detect any damage early and arrange for its repair. Compromising with the barrier will defeat the purpose of erecting a fence because deer are smart enough to detect breaches and make their way through it.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

A fence is an effective barrier not only to keep away deer but pests too.   To serve the dual purpose, you must choose fencing that has a small opening, which will effectively block pests and although this would be expensive, it is worth paying.

If you prefer polypropylene fencing, then make sure that it is UV protected to ensure a long life.

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