What is the Importance of Keeping Roofs Clean?

Proper roof cleaning is critical to ensure its long life. Clean roofs mean healthy roofs because it reduces the chances of damage due to decay that happens from wear and tear.

Photo by New Old, LLC

Early detection of problems helps to avoid costly repairs and ensures that the roofing material lasts its life. It saves the massive cost of roof replacement. When you leave the roof unattended, various damaging elements start creeping into the roof material, which can quickly damage the roof and cause very big problems. Regular roof cleaning is the job of professional companies that know the proper techniques of cleaning and use the right equipment to accomplish the task with perfection. Also, they use select chemicals that remove the layer of dirt and grime formed on the roof surface that can gradually damage the roof.

Prevent Biological Elements from Harming the Roof

Even if the roof appears to be dry apparently, moisture may remain trapped within the layers of the roofing material. That can lead to the growth of moss, lichens, fungi, and algae, which can damage roofs extensively. In addition to damaging the roof, all such bacteria can pose health problems for the residents. Shingles roofs are most prone to vegetative growth because bacteria find ample refuge within the shingles that encourages breeding.   Regular roof cleaning will ensure that roof damaging bacteria do not get a conducive environment for growth and the roof remains protected from damages.

The Threat of Dirty Gutters

Roof cleaning also includes gutter cleaning, which is part of the roof and impacts roof health. Did you observe watermarks on the walls adjacent to the gutters despite not having any problems with water accumulation on the roof? It could be that water has spread to the wall after penetrating the roof. That can happen when gutters accumulate debris and other garbage that restricts water flowing through it. When water pools form on the roof, it can find its way through invisible cracks and damage the roof and walls. If left unattended, it can even damage the building structure. Gutters not cleaned regularly are a big threat to the roof. You must take extra care to keep gutters clean by entrusting the job of roof maintenance to some professional roofing company.

Keep Gutters Clean

Regular roof cleaning includes gutter cleaning, and it helps to extend the roof life by eliminating the possibilities of water accumulation. There is no denying that clean gutters can add to roof health. But perhaps a more assured way of keeping the roof clean is to prevent debris and garbage collecting on the roof and clogging gutters. Gutters clog when the debris and garbage make its way into gutters and to prevent it you can install gutter guards. It would significantly reduce the chances of clogging and in turn, protect the roof from any harm due to water accumulation.

The roof is the single largest investment in home construction. Its proper maintenance not only ensures the right return on investment but also adds value to the property that becomes very important if you sell the property.