What Can You Do About Low Water Pressure In Your Home?

Have you got low water pressure at home? If you have you’ll know it can be incredibly frustrating. You might not have the power shower you want, or worse, the water goes cold every time someone turns on a tap in another part of the home.


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The first thing you need to establish is whether there is something wrong with your plumbing or if this is normal for where you live. Ask your neighbors or call your local Sydney plumber to test the water pressure in your taps. You will quickly find out if this is a normal pressure or not.

Once you know that it is a problem within your plumbing it will be time to start doing some detective work.

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Your water pressure can drop if there is a blockage in the pipes or if a valve is not fully open. This is the first thing and the easiest to check.

Start by checking all the valves you know of in the house. Then, head to your main valve on the street and check it is fully on. From here you will need to follow the line of your water supply into your home and through your home as best as possible.

While doing this keep your eyes open for any valves that you have not already checked. If you have just had work completed it is a good idea to start your search in the vicinity of the work.

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Testing the Supply

Purchase a water pressure gauge and place it on your outside tap. Turn the tap on and it will give you a reading. If this is normal for the area then you have a problem inside. If it is low contact the water board as they might be working in the area.

You can then use this gauge to test the supply at each of the taps. By a process of elimination you should be able to isolate the section of pipe which is causing the low pressure.

This pipe or pipes will need to be removed and cleaned; it is likely that there is a blockage in them. You should be aware that this is likely to be a result of corrosion and it is safer to replace the pipes. If you are not comfortable completing this task, then your local plumber can help. Pipes do get old and need to be replaced! You may also want to consider to upgrade from low pressure to mains pressure to increase your hot water to it’s full potential.

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Boosting The Water Pressure

If your supply is fine and your pipes appear to be clear because the water board is unable to supply it at a greater pressure level then you can fit a pressure booster to resolve the issue.

Basically this is a pup, valve and a pressure tank. It literally increases the water pressure into your home. The tank is designed to hold pressured water which ensures the pump does not operate every time a tap is turned on.

The pressure booster valve will need to be fitted on your supply line straight after your meter, if you wish to boost the pressure everywhere in your home. You will need to shut off the mains water to do this or, if you are not comfortable with this procedure you can always call a plumber!