Amazingly Easy DIY Chalk Board Walls for Your Kids!

Ever wanted to create a huge chalkboard wall? This is a fun DIY project your kids will love you for!

Photo: Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

Chalkboard walls are so much fun to have in your home and are a huge bonus for parents that currently have wall-scribbling children! Instead of banning your kids from writing on walls, you can encourage them now to become creative and inspired. Drawing and coloring are powerful tools and have an immense influence on the development of your child. They boost self-trust, cognitive, physical and emotional development.

There are tons of pictures to draw that can range from simple shapes and figurines in creative compositions to cartoon scenes with adorable animals. You can also use your chalkboard wall to create a calendar with the current month’s schedule. That way doctor’s appointments, soccer practice, birthday parties, an upcoming quiz, and homework due dates won’t be a surprise anymore!

Here’s How to Create that Chalkboard Wall of Kids’ Dreams:

Choose the Right Brand

Photo: Gast Architects

There are many different brands of chalkboard paint on the market, so make sure to do your research before you go out shopping. One brand I have used in the past was Rust-Oleum from Home Depot. It’s a fabulous black flat chalkboard paint that can be used on wood, metal, concrete, masonry and drywall. You also want to make sure you are buying a latex-based paint which makes it easy to erase, clean, and it also has low odor.

Begin with a Smooth Surface

Photo: Montellabella Homes, Inc.

First things first, make sure you do not have a textured wall, which will make it hard to write on and to wipe off. If you don’t have a smooth wall, an easy way to make one is to purchase masonite panels. You can get these cut to size at your hardware store (Google masonite panels if you aren’t sure what they are), and screw them onto your current wall.

Don’t Forget Primer

Photo: Collected Interiors

If you paint calls for it in the instructions, use a good primer before you start painting. If you are thinking of painting over any shiny metal surfaces, make sure to sand it lightly before any paint is applied. I know a few families that have unfinished basements with large, metal beams. They simply painted chalkboard paint over these large beams and made wonderful areas where their kids can get creative!

Start Painting The Right Way

Photo: J Wright Building Company

Get your brush or roller out and apply your chalkboard paint generously. Make sure to do two coats of paint otherwise your chalkboard will not work. For best results, allow the painted area to dry and cure for 3 days before even touching or using the chalkboard.

Prep The Surface


In order for your chalkboard to work, you need to rub the entire surface with a piece of white chalk. You are probably wondering why you need to do this! Rubbing chalk over the entire board prevents any future marks after you erase your future drawings. After rubbing it with chalk, make sure to wipe it all away with a dry rag.

Painting a chalkboard wall for your kids are not only a fun way for your kids to get creative but also it’s also a way to create lasting memories! At only 18 months, toddlers are required to start showing an interested in scribbling. This is at first one of the most adorable things to watch but most important, it helps with muscle coordination through the fingers and wrist. It’s an exercise of expression that comes naturally, so get out your DIY skills and start painting away!

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