Spotlight On: Swanky Interiors Furniture Store – A Gold Mine for Luxurious French Furniture and Décor Accessories

Swanky Interiors furniture store is a hotspot for gorgeous French furniture, antique inspired pieces, and unique décor items you definitely won’t find anywhere else!


I love scourging new furniture shops and it’s very rare that I actually find a store where I love ALL of the pieces on display. After finding out about Swanky Interiors in Wimbledon, London, I’m completely hooked and obsessed with their furniture! Swanky Interiors has so many gorgeous pieces that are more like masterpieces than just furniture.

From a Louis XV style fuchsia velvet upholstered bed with antique gilding (my favorite), to an elegant mid-century style orb chandelier, Swanky Interiors has everything you need to decorate your home and more.

They have tons of beautiful pieces that instantly revitalize a space, and add a majestic, royal type of feel to it. Just take a look at these living room pieces from Swanky Interiors and you’ll know exactly what I mean:


If you visit their website, you will find they have a thousands of products all neatly organized by room. From bedroom, to living room, bathroom, seating, office furniture, and even garden and decor accessories. The selection is endless and their furniture comes in call kinds of colors and finishes, making it super easy to find exactly what you need for your home.


Swanky Interiors features some seriously nice pieces, so I’ve put together a collage of some of my all-time favorite items. Take a look:


Pendant Shade, Gold Gilded Mirror, French Velvet Bed,
Gilded Bed End Stool, Gold Sequin Pillow 

If you are looking to make your home look impressive, full of unexpected rich accents and elegance, shop at Swanky Interiors online store and take a look at their wide selection of furniture and accessories. Trust me, you will want to buy absolutely EVERYTHING!