Style Guide: How to Decorate Your Bookcases Like a Pro!

Turn boring bookcases into fashionable décor statements with our easy-peasy tips from the pros!

how to decorate style bookshelves

Bookshelves can easily turn into works of decorative art with a little creativity and imagination. You don’t need to be a professional interior designer to know how to add a splash of unexpected glam or to properly stack your books. Just follow our style guide and you can easily turn your boring, uninteresting bookshelves into trendy, designer looking shelves!

Layer on Artwork

If you have a shortage of wall space to hang your artwork, you can actually hang it on your bookshelves! Hanging art off the molding of your bookcase is a fun way to showcase your artwork and is a smart concept to utilize every square inch of your space.

how to decorate bookcase bookshelf styling easy

Opt for Shorter Shelves

There are a few things about low bookcases that I love – they aren’t very common making them an unexpected design quirk, and they provide you with a nice space to place your potted plants, decorative items, as well as hang artwork above. They also make a room look bigger, as they don’t force the walls to close up on you. The Puro high gloss stone bookcase from FADs furniture would make the perfect candidate to line up against the wall. Buy a few and line a whole wall with them and paint only that wall a bold color for a dramatic look!

short low bookcase decor how to style a bookshelf ideas easy

Color Coordinate

Believe it or not, organizing your whole bookcase or parts of your bookcase by color is a old styling trick for magazines and catalogues. The whole point is to make a visual impact with your books, or to turn your everyday items into works of art. I love the look of a streamlined color coordinated bookcase because it looks so much neater and colorful. This is definitely something you want to do if your bookcase is looking super jumbled with books of all sizes and covers. You can also spice it up with colored storage boxes and bins.

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Add a Classic Touch

When we think rolling ladders, what usually comes to mind is a dark panelled library with a soft-lighted lamp, and leather-bound books. Don’t shy away from this classical bookcase statement piece – it’s totally trending now! Not only are rolling ladders functional, they help reach taller shelves and add a magical touch wherever they are placed. Don’t think this is a huge project to make –  there are lots of affordable rolling ladder kits online that you can easily install yourself.

rolling ladder bookcase decorating how to ideas easy

Mix and Match Decorative Pieces

The best way to style your bookshelves is to mix and match your books with decorative items that you really love to look at every day. Designer bags, your favorite artwork, even a killer heel placed on a stack of color coordinated books turns into instant art and adds major glam factor.

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Photos: NY Times, Bliss Home, Made by Girl