Sweet and Chic – Must Have Essentials For a Stylish Condo


Living in a condo or apartment can sometimes get tricky when it comes to decorating. Limited space, not enough windows, and loads of knickknacks with not enough storage space can surely get you in a decorating rut. We’ve rounded up some fun, practical, and most importantly affordable essentials that will give your condo an easy makeover in a flash!

Eclectic-PatioCelia James

Floor to Ceiling Built in Bookcase

Use all the space you can in your apartment, even if that means piling high to the ceiling! A floor to ceiling built in bookcase is a smart addition to your home and can turn your living room into the perfect reading nook! It’s best for those that have a big collection of books, videos, or magazines and takes up little space in your home. To add a finishing touch, install a rolling ladder for extra charm and cool-ness!

apartment built in bookcase decor tufted purple chez lounge Contemporary-Living-RoomLizette Marie Interior Design

Stylish Multipurpose Bar Cart

No apartment can live without a convenient, multifunctional bar cart on wheels. On my recent spring getaway, every stylish condo in Montreal had one of these – they’ve got to be onto something over there! Bar carts are a no brainer when it comes to small spaces and are ideal for holding drinks, glassware, plates and side dishes when entertaining at home. They serve as a additional countertop or tabletop space and can show off your favorite knickknacks when not in use.

bar cart mini bar apartment better decorating bible blog gold tortoise Eclectic-Living-Room

Tiny Yet Functional Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar, no matter how big or small it is can be a life saver. If your apartment is too small to hold a dining table, you can simply swap it with your breakfast bar and use the additional space for a home office or to expand your living room. This is also a smart way to minimize and keep the mess at bay with dishes and food.

apartment breakfast bar decor living room essentials better decorating bible blogJeffers Design Group

Bookcase Space Divider

Most apartments are open concept layouts which can limit your ability to create separate living areas as everything seems to morph into one. Constructing additional walls can seem like a daunting task and will close off your space and make it appear darker and smaller. Instead use a cube bookcase to section off parts of your apartment but still keep everything flowing seamlessly together. There are lots of other apartment space dividers you can choose like beaded curtains, various screens, and bookshelves.

apartment bookcase devider small space sisal carpet better decorating bible blog eclectic-Family-RoomCorynne Pless

A Chic Mini Bar

Why let hotels have all the fun? It may be tiny, but including a small mini bar in your apartment is a nice way to pamper and give yourself a well deserved treat after a long day at work. Keep your mini bar stocked with your favorite drinks, minus the outrageous hotel fees!

Transitional-Home-OfficeUrritia Design

Stowaway Secret Home Office

Not enough space for your own home office? Consider purchasing a secretaries desk to easily stowaway your home office when your done with work! No one wants to look at papers, bills, or your laptop screen especially while entertaining or trying to have fun – it can be a huge mood killer. Just close up your secretaries desk or open it up whenever you have to get down to business!

Eclectic-Home-OfficeCorynne Pless

Exposed or Wallpapered Brick Wall

A brick wall is an old apartment classic and brings a charming feel no matter what your current decorating style and situation is like. You can opt for the real thing or even purchase brick wallpaper to mimic this timeless style.

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