Luxury Home Tour: Top 10 Gorgeous Closets and Bathrooms

Believe it or not, you can help reenergize and reorganize yourself with a freshly decorated bathroom and closet. Since we start off every new day in either one of these spaces, it makes it an important part of our every daily routine and reflects the way we tackle our daily schedule. Here are some easy ideas you can do right at home to turn a bland bathroom or closet into a glamorous gem (no handy man required!).

Upgrade your Faucet

You would be amazed at what a simple upgrade can do for a bathroom. Long gone are the days of chrome faucets, they look cold and don’t bring much warmth to your bathroom. Install a shiny gold faucet to instantly bring in a dash of luxury to your bathroom’s hardware. A shiny gold soap dish to match and you’re set!

Purchase a New Rug

Roll out a new rug in your closet to keep your toes warm and bring in a hint of color to this dark space. An eclectic circular area rug can make your closet feel like a boutique and make you leave your home feeling like a diva.

Install a New Towel Bar

If you still have that towel bar the builders put in when you first purchased your home, it’s time for a new one. Don’t buy a clear plastic towel bar since they can fill up with visible mold and end up looking like a mess. Instead opt for brushed bronze, which brings in warmth and really matches with all kinds of color schemes and décor.

Try No-Grout Tiles

Re-tiling a bathroom used to be a hassle and required a skilled handyman to do it. With more DIY-ers out there, there are now peel and stick wall panels on the market. They are SO easy to fit, cut, customize, and require no mess at all opposed to regular tiles with grout.

Revamp Your Shelves

Wallpaper the back of your closet shelves with a bright, metallic paper to reflect and shine behind your shoes and clothing. I love the look of metallic leopard print paper, which brings in a wild and boutique feeling to my closet.

Focus on Lighting

Bring in as much light as possible into your bathroom or closet by hanging up a mini chandelier to reflect light and make your space feel like a small jewel box.

Install New Hardware

Install new hardware on drawers, dressers, and shelves to immediately refreshen up tired looking storage spaces. You would be surprised at what a difference this can make! Match them to your new faucet’s hardware for a uniform look.

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