How To: Glam up Your Space with The Right Area Rug

Feel like your space is missing a little oomph? Make it come to life by injecting a striking area rug to bring in some color, texture, and style to your space. If you know how to choose the right rug, it can be the perfect finishing touch to your decorated space and make everything come together.

eclectic-family-roomSara Tutle

A rug is also a practical addition – it adds comfort and warmth to rooms with hard flooring such as wood or stone. What I also love about rugs is that they are not a permanent feature to your home, you can always roll them up if you decide to move or change up your style.

Depending on the space you’re working with, the style of rug that you choose will differ. Check out this helpful guide to choose the perfect rug for your room:

Rugs in an Open Concept Home

open concept layout separate with area rugs how to choose modern-dining-roomWebber Studio

Many people think that open concepts mean you will only be able to function in one large space – wrong! You can most definitely divide your living area from you kitchen or dining room by using a rug as a clear marker.

For example, placing your dining furniture on a large square rug will make the eating area feel more intimate and separate from the open space, without the limitations of it being a separate room. After all, you opted for open plan living for a reason!

TOP TIP: If you’re using a rug in a dining area, the rug should be the same shape and slightly larger than the dining table.

Using Rugs in the Foyer

entry circle rug foyet transitional-entryPaula Grace Designs

Even though wood or tiled floors are the most practical choice for high traffic areas in your home, it’s always a good idea to add in a rug as the chilly weather approaches. After all, who doesn’t like to keep their feet toasty?

If you’re working with a square area, I would opt for a round rug, as a great way of softening the space. I recently purchased a chic round rug from Mail order rugs, which transformed my client’s dark and gloomy foyer into a softer and more welcoming entrance.

TOP TIP: A round rug should be placed directly under the ceiling light fixture of the foyer. I would also avoid placing furniture on top of the rug if you have a small home, as this will give the impression that people should walk around the rug, invariably making your space feel smaller.

Opt for No Fail Oriental Rugs

eclectic-home-officeLaidlaw Schultz Architects

If you don’t know what style of rug to choose, I always tell people to choose a no fail oriental or “Persian rug” as some may call them. An oriental rug is both traditional and stylish and provides a sense of warmth and comfort with gorgeous red, orange and gold tones which are characteristic of this style. They also have the opulence factor and are the perfect choice if you want to achieve a luxurious design in your home.

TOP TIP: If your rug is brightly coloured, make it the focal point of your room and complement it with softer tones.

The Perfect Rug for Your Bedroom

sara tuttle eclectic-bedroomSara Tuttle

We all know there is nothing worst then dragging yourself out of bed on a cold winter morning! Make your bedroom toasty and cozy with a rug placed alongside your bed. One thing you want to make sure is to avoid placing furniture on top of it, as this will give the impression of multi-layering and make the room feel small.