How to Take Advantage of a Large Living Room

Some of us are lucky to have a huge living room, but to the trick to making it right is knowing how to work with it! Smart lighting choices, architectural features and a clever furniture plan can help make your room cozy and livable instead of overwhelming. Check out these tips:

Create sections – Arrange furniture to allow more than one activity and create quiet spots. Clusters of seating are a great way to separate people who want to chat, or kick back and read a good book. Mix and match large sofas, armchairs, daybeds, and benches.

Choose a warm color palette – warm colors enhance your room, and make it feel more intimate and cozy. Try drawing out colors from your furniture and rugs to tie the space together.

Workspaces – Add a mini office to your grand room and put in bookshelves as well as a desk area. If you are looking for a room to relax and enjoy tea, you may want to skip this idea. If you have a huge family full of different activities and hobbies, this might be a good decision.

Make your ceiling interesting – A decorative ceiling such as a waffle ceiling can bread up the monotony of the room.

Different Rugs – Define different areas of your big living room with various rugs. Try taking a color from one rug and linking it to the next rug, this will help make each section easily flow into the next.