Create a Cozy Christmas Home this Frosty Season

What’s truly essential about decorating your home is making it a place of comfort and warmth, somewhere family loves to gather and relax. There is no better time than now to make your space full of these comfy qualities!  If you take a look at the space below you can instantly see it makes a marvelous place for family gatherings during the holidays. The long dining table which seats up to 10 people and the enormous Christmas tree puts everyone in a jolly mood this season.

Here are a few tips to warm up your snug home this Noel:

Drape garlands and wreaths all throughout your home: on the staircase, mantel, hallway mirror, picture frame, entry way, and front porch. You can make your own with fresh pine branches and cover them with gold glitter, ornaments, and ribbon.

Decorate with keepsakes – Family photos hung on your tree or placed throughout your home evoke memories and bring the household together.

Use traditional colors – Red, gold, and green may be the usual Christmas colors but they sure can set the mood and tone of your holiday theme. If you want to keep a cozy look but still experiment with other shades, use these as your base and place a vibrant hue here and there to shake things up a little.

Gather around – Arrange plenty of seating areas with casual and comfortable furniture where the family can hang out together. Group pieces like sofas and armchairs in a way that encourages face-to-face interactions opposed to aiming everything towards the television.

Dim the lights – Overhead lighting is too harsh this season, so rely on dimmed wall scones and floor lamps to create softer lighting. Try 40-60 watt light bulbs for a cozier feel instead of high-wattage bulbs.

Dawn Hearn Interior Design