3 Impactful Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Make your home more eco-friendly with these tips!


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Many of us want to be kinder to the environment and all of the natural ecosystems it provides for. Unfortunately, day-to-day life gets busy, and it sometimes seems impossible to take on the project of making your home eco-friendly. Instead of getting overwhelmed by major changes, see if you can start small in one of these ways.

1. Install Solar Panels

It’s no secret that fossil fuels are putting both humans and the environment at risk. While it can be difficult to break away from harmful emissions entirely, residential solar energy solutions are a great way to get started. Solar panels allow you to reduce your impact as well as promote wider positive change by supporting the clean energy industry.

2. Recycle

A classic element of a sustainable home is a well-utilized recycling bin. Recycling is an easy way to cut down on your contributions to landfills and keep trash out of the environment. That being said, you shouldn’t just throw all your plastics, papers, glass, and cans into the blue bin and forget about it. Proper recycling requires you to know your materials and sort them correctly so that they can actually be reused rather than just traveling to the landfill in more steps. Every area has its own rules, so read up on local policies to help you get started.

3. Compost

A lesser-known contributor to environmental problems is the massive amount of food waste humans produce. In addition to recycling plastics and other materials, consider composting your leftover food. If you have a garden, this is a great way to start making your own fertilizer for it. If not, there are alternative options such as community composting programs and even indoor composting devices you can consider.

4. Shop Mindfully

Think about all of the things you go through in your household in a single month. Almost everything you buy at the store has some kind of impact on the natural world, and it all starts to add up in a big way. This is why shopping mindfully, and making it a point to look for sustainable or long-lasting items is so important. A few easy ways to begin swapping out common products for more sustainable ones include the following:

  • Buy LED lightbulbs that last longer than regular ones
  • Purchase rags and fabric napkins to use instead of paper options
  • Opt for products that use less disposable packaging
  • Read the labels and look for organic and/or environmentally-friendly foods
  • Replace broken appliances with low-energy upgrades

These are just a few ideas out of many options for making your shopping habits more sustainable. It all starts with being mindful and taking just a few extra seconds to consider the impact of what you’re buying.

Care for the Environment

Our day to day activities have an impact on the natural world. As an individual, you can help by spreading awareness about ways we can be better and finding options for incorporating eco-freindlyness into your own home. Don’t be afraid to start small and build your way up towards working for real change.