Keeping a Clean Bathroom

Keep your bathroom looking clean and shiny with these easy tips to follow!


Photos By: Unsplash

The recent coronavirus pandemic has instilled in many a good understanding of cleanliness. Spending large amounts of time at home, away from others, can affect anyone’s mental health. However, staying in isolation and remaining in a clean and tidy house can be hard for individuals who rarely stayed indoors.

The idea of cleaning can regularly feel like a never-ending chore, and that is because it is. However, when it comes to cleaning some of the dirtier places in the house, like a bathroom, it does get simpler.

So, knowing how difficult it can be to work up the motivation to clean a bathroom, here are a few tips. Below are six tips for helping maintain a clean bathroom all the time.

Limit Trash

One of the easiest ways to ensure that a bathroom stays clean is to manage the trash flow. Sometimes this looks like buying a trash can or upgrading an old one for something better. Whatever it looks like, be sure to address the trash issue first.

Sometimes this looks like setting personal limitations on what gets thrown away in a bathroom trash can. For example, it might be best not to throw any trash that is not bathroom-related away in the kitchen or only throw paper products away in the bathroom.

Get Innovative

Some may be wondering, “how does a bidet work?” Well, the truth is it works like a shower, but for the toilet. While the technology extends as far back as the 1700s many in the United States are unfamiliar.

Sometimes employing this kind of unfamiliar technology can organize and declutter a bathroom. For example, not needing toilet paper and replacing it with a bidet is efficient and helps protect the environment.


Keep it simple. When it comes to designing a bathroom or accessorizing, it is best to keep it simple. This one is not complicated. Do not crowd the bathroom with stuff that does not belong; keep it simple, and business-oriented in a way.

Save the decorations, tiny figurines, paintings, and carpets for some other place in the house. If the floors are bare and cold, then try using a pair of slippers. The less stuff in the bathroom, the easier it will be to empty and clean thoroughly.


Finding clever ways to store tiny products for hair, teeth, and skin can be challenging. Find a creative way to organize these products, and it can cut a lot of time out of the cleaning process. This means that the bathroom can be cleaned up daily because everything in the bathroom has a home.

If for some reason organization items are not in that home, it won’t take long to put them there. This can look like small bins with drawers that pull out, cubby boxes, or even more elaborate ones that stand. Find storage for towels, washcloths, and extra bathroom supplies. Ensuring that things have a home is essential for maintaining a clean bathroom.


Develop a cleaning routine. Obviously, cleaning every day is the best option, but let’s be honest, it’s not always possible. So, create a process for cleaning. For example, maybe on Mondays the floors get cleaning while every Tuesday through Wednesday, the shower and toilet get cleaned.

Setting up a routine is a great way to get into a habit of cleaning regularly. Sometimes having a visual can help. If this is difficult, buy a dry-erase board and map out a realistic cleaning schedule.

Good Cleaner

This may sound simple, but it is often overlooked. Invest in a good cleaning agent. Also, do not get cheap when it comes to buying the tools needed to clean. The more excited a person is about using the tools for cleaning, the more inclined they are to actually clean.

Scrubbing the toilet might not be inherently enjoyable, but watching all the grime and dirt flush away can be satisfying. If uncertain, look up the best ways to clean something. Sometimes they can be enlightening and possibly lead to a new passion. If anything, the pandemic has been great for self-exploration and new hobbies.

So, Remember

Most times, when cleaning seems impossible, it’s because the chore has sat way longer than it should have. The endless hours of scrubbing grime off the shower can be avoided by doing it more often.

In other words, break up the project into smaller, more manageable tasks, and keep working from there. Everyone can have a clean bathroom all the time.