Tragedies are uninvited and can happen anytime, anywhere and with anybody. One such uninvited disaster is house fire that is capable of turning life and property into ashes within no time.


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We work with gas cylinders and stoves etc. in our kitchens and one minor mistake with any of these may lead to a massive house fire. Though every individual is extra cautious of fire equipment in his/her house, what if the tragedy takes place with you. Well, to face such a disaster, every person must have factual knowledge of life protection and Fire Damage Restoration techniques in case of a house fire at home. This write-up helps you with the same.

Immediately After You Come to Know There is a Fire in the House

* Keep Yourself Spontaneous

Train your mind to be extra spontaneous in such situations. As soon as you find a fire in your house scream, raise the fire alarm or do anything to make other family members alert of the situation.

* Try to Extinguish the Fire

Modern homes usually have fire extinguishers at home. If not then buy one today itself. Try to blow out the fire with the help of a fire extinguisher. Take the help of family members and blow out the fire completely.

* Secure your Belongings

Try to secure your belonging and especially expensive stuff first like money, gold, property papers etc. If there is massive damage to the house, then property papers will help you claim the insurance.

* Life is Important

NEVER risk your life for the sake of safeguarding your belongings (gold, money, property, furniture, etc.). Everything can be re-build if you are alive and healthy. Secure your belongings only if you can.

* Ask your Children and Elderly to Leave

Safety of your loved ones (especially children, elderly and pets) is important. Ask them to leave the house immediately as they are unable to tackle the worst situation. Tell your children to call the neighbors (if you need help).

If it is Not in Your Control 

* Get out of The House (if possible)

Think of your own safety first. Run out of the house, along with your family members. If your clothes catch fire, lay down and roll your body against the floor (until the fire blows out of you). Move out cautiously. Make sure access to doors/windows is easy and quick.

* Search for a Safe Spot (pets)

If it is too late for you to move out of the house, get into a safe spot. Get into a safe room, close all the doors and windows and cover their crack/openings with blankets or towels. Make a phone call to your neighbours, if not possible then give them some prominent indications so they can get the help.

* Call Fire Wardens

Call for expert fire wardens as they are the only people who can get you out of the house and extinguish the fire completely. Keep your mobile phones handy so that you can call Fire Wardens. If not, then call out for your neighbours to do the same.

* Keep Yourself Calm and Have Faith

Once you are safe and out of your house, keep yourself and your family calm. Have faith in all those who are here to secure you from house fire. May it be your friends/neighbours to rescuers to insurance agents, everyone is there at your service.


No one knows what the future holds for them, and no one wants to lose their property or loved ones. Hence it is necessary to get your house insured against such calamities and also teach your children/younger siblings about protection from fire in the house. Keep yourself calm and composite in such situations. Stay Safe and Healthy.