Make Your Living Room Look Huge With Help From Your Local Furniture Store

Prudent planning and decorating with the help of a quality furniture store can (almost) change the lowliest hovel into a palace. But a good plan starts before then, and seemingly miraculous modification can be created through shrewd planning.


Photo: Jonathan Adler

Everyone wants big airy rooms — the kind which turn a plain room into Wimbledon. However, that sort of work comes with high prices and often, expensive extensions.

A few tricks of the eye are needed to accomplish that goal without sacrificing the wallet on the altar of appearance. Without resorting to contractors, a few changes to the layout and style will play tricks on the eye and the brain to see the space is better than it is. Here are some ways to accomplish this “Penn and Teller”-esque illusion.

Tall Furniture

Some call tall furniture ‘fashionable’, but while tall furniture can look the part, from a space perspective it’s not ideal. Taller furniture minimizes the space between the floor and ceiling, which makes your space look smaller.

Rearrange things and take the offending furniture out that ruins your home decorating — a furniture disposal service may be needed. But soon the ‘short look’ will provide the greater good, and can also add value to your home.

Photo: SDG Architects


Reflect the extra space throughout the room. Using mirrors is one of the tactics to implement when you want to make an area appear larger. If mirrors are placed properly, they will enhance the interior space and trick the eye. Your local furniture store will have plenty of mirrors from which to choose.

Light Colors Rock

It’s not always about natural light. Light colors can be used to find the same effects. Even a color bordering on boring can be effective. While dark colors take in light and make an area seem smaller, lighter shades have the opposite effect. You don’t have to fall back on white, but the rule of thumb is the lighter, the better.

Various wavelengths carry different amounts of energy. For example, violet light has more energy than red. The amount of energy absorbed is also affected by how light or dark something is. A dark object of a certain color absorbs more photons than a light object in the same color.

The entire subject of how an object’s color appears has filled rooms with books and there isn’t ample room here for a thorough discussion. Suffice it to say if an object absorbs yellow light, for example, then it will reflect every other color and will look violet.

Photo: Mary Cook

Ceiling Shelves

The ceiling can have an impact and draw the eye upwards. To boost the effect, check out the latest styles of high shelves. By placing them as high as possible, the eyes are drawn higher and upwards. To get an idea of how they will look in your home, visit a local furniture store.

Since the shelves are a small item, don’t worry about reducing the amount of space as discussed earlier. The point is to make someone’s eyes circulate throughout the room, so they don’t become fixated on a small area.

Furniture Removal

If you don’t have a truck, it can be a pain to get the old furniture hauled off. Every major city has a furniture removal company to provide the service. A quality company’s services will include:

  • Bedroom furniture clearance
  • Garden furniture recycling
  • Office furniture disposal
  • Sofa disposal
  • Fridge & freezer disposal