How to Save Energy and Keep the Heat out with Blinds!

Large windows and even walls of windows are popular choices in most homes today. One of the biggest drawbacks is the scorching summer heat that can quickly turn a well light space into a sizzling sauna. Installing the right kind of blinds can help you save much energy to cool your home, saving you valuable time and money on ac repair costs. The are lots of niche blinds and curtains you can choose from and our mini guide will help you choose the right one:

Roman Shades – You can block out a lot of light with these shades especially if you get black-out fabric lining. What I love about these shades is that you can choose from a lot of different fabrics, and patterns to match your current décor or to bring some color to your space.

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Honeycomb Shades: Installing honeycomb shades on a standard window can reduce the amount of heat entering a room from 22-76%! You can definitely give your air conditioner a break and save on your electricity bills this summer.

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Vertical Blinds – Great for large and tall windows since they easily allow you to control the amount of light filtering into a room. Choose blinds that are light colored to reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

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