Make Your Dining Room Burst with Energy!

When we think “bursting with energy” we think bright, bold, big, and beautiful! A dining room has got to make an lasting impression, especially if you have tons of guests over or if you have an open concept layout and your dining room is in full view. This space designed by Todd Alexander Romano screams “look over here!” and just calls for attention. A huge pineapple smack in the middle of the table makes an interesting conversation piece, and the lime green dining chairs actually works well with the eggplant purple walls. To spice up the whole look, Todd gave us a hint of zebra peaking out from the teeny tiny bench at the side. What a look!

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  1. Bradly Rantanen says:

    It is commonly agreed that the dining table is the staple of any family home; a chance for hectic lifestyles to take a pause and children and parents to sit down, share a meal and gather their thoughts. In today’s modern day, technology obsessed, fast paced lifestyle; meal times are now quite easily the only time for family members to communicate with one another yet having said that it is still common for many to neglect their choice in dining furniture.,,

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