3 Most Common Air Condition Issues: How to Fix Cooling Problems

Do you have problems with your air conditioning? Here are 3 most common problems and how to fix them!


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Nothing Lasts Forever

The best A/C unit in the world is no match for that undefeated concept called “entropy”. Entropy is technically a thermal measurement of energy diminution, and something we tend to mean when we say “time”; but what is “time”?

Time is a means by which we measure energy loss. It takes X amount of time for a candle to burn down until it winks out. But the dissolution of matter over time is entropic.

What this means is, even the most well-designed, perfectly engineered machine will break eventually. Natural entropy will reduce the structural stability of internal mechanics until they cross an event horizon wherein normal functionality is no longer possible. Parts break.

However, periodic maintenance can help fix that issue. Following we’ll explore a few problems you’re eventually going to encounter, in all likelihood, with your A/C unit. We’ll also go over a few things you can do to correct these issues.

The Unit Kicks On and Off Constantly

This is an issue so common it has its own term in the industry: “short cycling”. Basically, the unit won’t finish the cycle it’s supposed to, it just keeps restarting. This can be a serious issue, or it might be simple.

Short cycling tends to indicate the compressor is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Alternatively, the problem could be a poorly calibrated thermostat or a clogged air filter. Finally, you might have gotten an air conditioner that’s just too much “cool” for your property.

Get advice from HVAC professionals before buying an A/C unit to avoid that last one. Have compressors repaired or recycled, and check both the thermostat and air filter. You’ll likely want to find some professional help for the best results here.

The A/C Unit Turns On, but There’s No Cool Air

Perhaps you hear the unit running, but there’s no air coming out at all. Perhaps you feel a little air, but it’s room temperature or even warm. There could be a few issues making this happen. First, there might be a tripped circuit breaker; which is an easy fix.

Check the blower belt. If it’s damaged, order and install a new one. Finally, you could be experiencing a lack of coolant. If air is coming out but it’s hot, again, look at the coolant, see if the air filter is dirty, and determine if any debris is the cause of the issue.

If you do all these things and still can’t find the problem, take things a step further. It’s definitely worthwhile to search for Mister Quick Home Services tips for A/C tune-up that can help you easily fix your A/C problem.

Water or Refrigerant Leakage

Sometimes a leak has to do with a broken connection line. Sometimes the line has just been unhooked, meaning you only have to reattach it. Maybe the line has degraded over time owing to how it has been used, where it has been used, or simple entropy as we discussed earlier. Condensate pump blockage and drainage pipe blockage tend to be the culprit, though.

Also, sometimes you’re dealing with simple condensation that may build up for one reason or another. So check all your lines, check for any blockage, and if none of those alternatives yield a solution, contact professionals to have them take a look at your unit.

An A/C Unit That Works as Intended

Leakage could be from blockage, condensation, or line degradation. Fixing broken components or clearing blockage may fix the issue. If the unit turns on and there isn’t any air, it could be a circuit breaker, thermometer calibration, a broken belt, or a blockage of your air filter. If your device kicks on and off constantly, it could be the compressor or filter blockage.

To determine the precise issue, and get it fixed, you’ll want professional help. Give it a shot yourself first, work with pros to find a true solution if that doesn’t work.