How to Prevent Freezing Pipes?

Winter has arrived. It’s the season when you will face a lot of problems at home, especially freezing pipes!


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Freezing pipes will increase the pressure in pipes. This can eventually lead to water damage Green Bay

The water inside the pipes will expand with a huge force. These pipes cannot hold this pressure as a result leading to them bursting. When the water pressure has a weak spot, it will lead to damage. 

How to Prevent Freezing Pipes Temporarily?

The best way to notice freezing pipes is the reduced water flow in the faucets. It is necessary to consider the basics and reach out to professionals who can help you fix the problem. 

The pipes will also reflect vulnerability when they start freezing. While you will need to reach to professionals for long-term repair, the short term repair techniques include the following:

* Increase the heat.
Keep away from the garage door.
* Ensure there is enough warmth around the cold house.
* Prevent the connection of outdoor faucets. 

Tips to Keep the Pipes from Freezing

Freezing pipes can be damaging. One of the main misconceptions people have is that pipes freeze only during winter. However, if the pipes aren’t insulated properly, they may even freeze during summers. Some of the key tips to prevent the pipes from freezing during winter include:

Turn on the Heat

If you are leaving the house for a long time, it is advisable to turn on the heat. If you have tenants in your house, you should ask them to turn on the heat.

Keeping the heat on will play an important role in preventing the pipes from freezing. Furthermore, freezing pipes can also lead to significant water damage. It is not necessary to keep the heat high. 

Get an Electric Heat Cable

An electric heat cable can be the key way to improve the impact. During cold winters, the electric heat cables can help to maintain the warmth. Furthermore, it is necessary to use an electric heat cable to help maintain the temperature. If you want to protect the pipes from long-term damage, these cables can be of great help. 

Seal the Cracks

If there are any cracks and holes, you need to seal them. The holes and cracks allow the passage of cold air. You may use spray foam insulation to fix this problem. 

The outdoor air can be cold and can pass through gaps and holes. The holes need to be sealed on the interiors and exteriors. This will eventually increase the risk of pipes freezing. 

Allow Faucets to Drip

If you are worried that the pipes will freeze, you need to allow the faucets to drip. The dripping will play an important role in releasing the pressure. If the pressure is not released, the faucets will lead to pipes bursting. You can get a single-handed faucet to maintain the warmth. 

Freezing pipes aren’t a big problem. However, they can cause significant damage. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the right measures to fix the problem. If the problem is serious, you may get in touch with a contractor who can help you solve the problem.